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Pat Mendes 382 Total at the Arnold


two things i noticed the most in the videos posted.

broz lurking in the background is fucking huge, guys a beast, lol.

I have always thought Kendriks squat jerks looked scary, the first two in this video had me cringing, and I literally jumped and grimaced when I saw him drop that last one on himself. I hope he is OK.

and Mendez sure as hell gets up out of the bottom of he catch in the clean strong and fast as hell. that is where the 600lb front squat and the 800lb back squat have been useful, no? :wink:


I believe he's 6'3", so most likely he's around 120kg:

207/217 is easy to stand up with when you can do this:


I completely agree with coach mccauley's assertion that athletes (not just mendes but all athletes) should get out and compete in there sport. I actually think it goes with the "bulgarian" philosophy, to get better at the lifts you do the lifts.

Likewise, to get better at competitions you go to competitions...One sport we're pretty dominant at on the world stage is basketball and most players who make it to the high levels have accumulated a ridiculous amount of hours of in game (AAU and summer hoops + in season) competition experience.


Well, with basketball, practice doesn't help much, so you might as well play. Just ask Allen Iverson.