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Pat Mendes 382 Total at the Arnold


Pat had a good showing at the Arnold 175/207, he's strong in the snatch but will need to bring up his c&j. Patrick Judge last year at World's totaled 173/223 for a 396 to finish 13th overall so it shows that Pat has some room to grow.

In order to crack top 10 at Worlds though a 400 total is a must.

Congratulations Pat, keep up the hard work.


is he currently injured?


after the video of the 207 snatch, i wouldn't call it a good performance. injured or not, it was very disappointing


Why did he switch to Power Jerk???


I'm so disappointed to hear of the results of Pat at the Arnold. We all have bad days, but how do you go from easily snatching 200+ kg to not even being able to hit 180 kg, especially when preparing for competition?

Isn't this near what he lifted back in the 2009 Arnolds? Best of luck though. Damn, I was expecting at least a 190 kg snatch though. There's only one lifter which lifted more than him. But like was stated, there are some problems needing remediation for the shot at a top-three spot in any international competition.


John Broz said he had a rotator tear, he was still impressive to watch, but I also have no idea why he switched to a Power Jerk.


I guess all the hype of the training video was just that. I had expectations of him in this meet and he pretty much hit what I thought he would in the snatch and the c&j was a bit off from my guess. Disappointing that he's injured again, part of the game is staying healthy while your body and mind take a tremendous beating.


Comments like this really grind my gears. What in the hell makes you think he can "easily" snatch 200+? How do we know he hasn't only ever hit that 207 once? How many attempts it takes him? How much strain he's actually putting into that lift, regardless of how quick and smooth it is? I get frustrated when people watch a video of someone lifting a huge weight, see how fast it happens and assume it must be "easy". Fucking people.

For the record, I was also hoping he would lift more, but I'm sure there's a whole host of reasons/excuses as to why he didn't (I've been too lazy to peruse the internet and find out why, don't really care actually, just wanna see him bear down in training again, get healthy if he needs to and come back and lift more next time).


He definitely was impressive to watch. I mean he opened at 175 just cause he wanted to be sure and he smoked it. He didn't get 82 or 83 but that was just one day. Then he opened at 207 and easily made it. I'm sure his power jerk was because of his shoulder problem. Either way, he's an incredibly strong kid and has a lot of success ahead of him. Talking to him at the Arnold before he lifted he was planning on hitting in the low 400's. It was a surprise that he didn't do as well as even he planned but that happened to a lot of really good lifters.

Jon north totaled 341 but missed 2 snatches and a clean and jerk that weren't out of his range. Jared Enderton also missed some critical lifts on his Clean and Jerks. Kendrick Farris bombed out of the clean and jerk at a weight that was supposed to be easy. Donovan Ford bombed out on his seemingly easy 150 snatches. Either way you look at it, there was a lot of really good lifting but still a lot of potentially great totals. Pat wasn't the only one who didn't lift as much as we all thought he would.


It will be very interesting to see what he does at future meets. He's strong as a fuking bull in the gym but seems to keep having bad meets. He's so young, I wish the kid good health and good luck at the Olympics, we need a USA champ.


If we even get a slot for men at the Olympics I don't think it will go to Pat.


it depends. Pat has got to enter some major meets in mid and late 2011, as well as early 2012, and do well... and make 4/6 lifts or something like that.

he also needs to do more meets in general to get out of his comfort zone, and needs to use straps less.


Thank you for this post. I am a big fan of Pat and John Broz in terms of what they are doing. They put themselves out there, sometimes with more bravado than gym lifts might warrant, but at least he has the balls to get out there and declare his intentions. This is the first time I can remember where an American has not made a shit ton of excuses for not shooting to win Gold. He expects to win it one day and he is busting his ass to get there. Is he confident, perhaps even cocky? Maybe, but fuck if you want to be THE BEST IN THE WORLD you can't be intimidated by shit and you have to fucking KNOW you can do it. I like the fact he isn't ahh shucking himself into complacency. And you can't fault the kids work ethic that's for damn sure.

The kid had a bad meet, but virtually every other US lifter did too by their standards save Chad Vaughn and Spencer. Busting Pat's nuts for missing his best lifts is a bit haterish if you aren't going to say the exact same about Ferris, et al. I respect the shit out of Kendrick Ferris btw, he is a damn warrior to fight for that last jerk like that, but he had a terrible meet. Pat still put up what would have been the highest super heavy total in the Pan Am games if I recall. And if stories are true he did it with a fucking torn rotator cuff and about a weeks worth of serious lifting ahead of the competition.


Pat lifted poor/ okay by his standards. People have to remember he's very young, relatively inexperienced at comps, going in injured (probably the biggest issue!) but he totalled and won his class? Best 105+ lifter in the states currently.

I think people's beef is that he didn't do 195+ that he did in training.

The time will come when he will put it out there going in NOT INJURED and then people can see what he has :slightly_smiling:



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-vg3FcYIdY clean and jerk

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slhE2cbtW08 snatch miss
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxWJgb53pHU snatch miss


You can see the left arm not quit make it in the 182 snatch attempt. This is most likely a consequence of the bad shoulder,no?

If I was a guessing man, that was in his head when he made the 3rd snatch attempt.

Very easy racking and recovering from the 207 clean.

Here's to Pat's speedy recovery - onward and upward!



I was surprised his lifts didnt go as "well" as expected. If not going well is 175 kg snatch and a 207 kg c&j at the age of 20 isnt going well that is. Most of us will never hit those numbers and we all have bad days im sure. Back to my point. A friend and I watched him go through all of his warmups backstage and he looked great. He did singles that looked amazing to 170 in snatch. from back stage we thought would have a chance at 190 maybe more. If he is injured I wish him a quick recovery and i hope to see what the future holds for him.


I'll second that, with some moderation. It was a fairly good performance for a newbie to international competition. I've have said to John Broz on open forums before that I don't think the idea of only bringing an athlete to competitions when you feel he's ready to win is a good policy. I think athletes have to get out there, early in their careers and get used to the big stage. They take their lumps, they have some success but it all readies the good ones to achieve more when the stage gets bigger. Maybe in that way, the Arnold was good for Pat.
He's a powerful kid. I wish him well.

And, you're absolutely right; 400 is a must.



I don't get why one wouldn't go to more meets. Worst case you can just do your normal training at the warm up area and lift lower weights at the comp... unless its a money issue.. who cares? To me the important thing is to try your best at any given meet