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Pat Casey... RAW


Pat Casey, the first man to officially bench 600 pounds, squat 800 pounds, and total 2000 pounds. Casey was strong, strong, strong and his bench presses--done in a tank top or a T-shirt in the 1960s.

Just wanted to remind (or inform) everyone about this guy.

And make note that he used no gear for these lifts (the way I wish it was).


its always nice to hear people with raw lifts instead of these fake lifts nowadays. sorry to offend any powerlifters but thats what i think.


Yeah, I guess that is why I put this here.

I know training gear etc. is part of sports ie: faster cars, lighter bicycles, high-end Olympic bars, faster track materials for sprinting but...

That's why Strongan is still so cool. Not much other than "raw" human power! Hopefully is STAYS that way.


Ugh, Kaz did a 661 bench raw, a 900 pound deadlift in exhibition, and over a 2400 pound total with a shitty supersuit.

Don Reinhoudt did well over 2300 raw, with a 935 squat, over 600 bench, and over 800 deadlift.

Both these guys, along with Jon Cole were a lot more impressive than Casey.


WOOO-freakin-HOOO! In case you never thought about the magnitude. Being the first to do something is impressive by itself.

You (or I) could get plenty more impressive feats out of the books.

The space shuttle flies around the earth... big deal. The first time "we" went into outer space? Now THAT'S impressive.

Think about it before you try to outdo my post.


I don't think you offended anybody...statements that ignorant are often just ignored...


Exactly! They don't use squat suits, deadlift suits, straps, tacky, or wraps...oh that's right, they DO use all those things on lifts that have no technical definitions.


I'm glad you thought his post through before responding emotionally...wait...


I was NOT responding to any of your posts until now. What are you talking about?

And who is emotional? Me? Nope.


Well, I kinda meant the more local stuff. I should've been more precise. My bad.

Plus, I don't see much gear adding 100-200+ lbs to a strongman's lifts especiall since they're usually for reps but you knew that didn't you?

I'm sure I'm wrong... Let me know.


Strongman does use supports, suits, wraps, belts, and stick um has Rick has stated.

As for outdoing your post whatever. I've treated WPO lifters, worked out at westside, met Jim Williams, and so on. I've been around this for awhile and have seen impressive lifts, both raw and equipped.

It's great he did it first, but others have done better in similiar circumstances.


Your right. I should've included all of them in my post. What are thier names, lifts and conditions. I'll print them here.

I've had face-to-face conversations with Dave Tate too. What difference might that make to Pat Casey's lifts or anything else for that matter?


Your post certainly came off that way. I thought you were going to cry because tom63 posted something that might rain on your parade.


Oh, I see the gear at local meets too, but perhaps the meets are different where you live.

But you said, "Not much other than "raw" human power!" At what point is a lift "raw enough" to be acceptable? 50lbs of help? Only 30?

I guarantee you straps add a TON to any lift testing the grip. I have a training partner that has pulled a thousand pound tire deadlift yet hasn't broken 750 in the deadlift due to grip.


Not really my parade to get rained on but good try. Those weren't MY lifts remember genius?


Yes, different.

I've pulled 805 in a rack lockout and held it for 10 seconds with three training partners watching with no more than a staggered grip. I'm not saying I can pull that off the floor, though.

I also pull almost 300lb on a 3" bar. Straps would not even fit around that bar.

I'll admit that the strongman comment was not the best example. I was refering to the way we do it. Absolutely no help, wraps, tacky, belts, suits. Raw is raw. So NO HELP AT ALL is what I should've written.


Casey was way ahead of his time, no doubt. but lets not make the mistake of thinking that he is the only person around that could pull off such feats. there are numerous guys today that are capable of these lifts, without gear. please don't fool yourself.

Pat was awesome. No one will ever be able to dispute that, but the progress of time has caught up with his records and kept moving.



You must be quite insecure with your need to enhance. Every thread I've seen someone post anything remotely anti-gear you get your panties in a wad and jump up and down and piss and moan.

Some have done it without, you didn't--we get it.


I see someone else got the 2006 IronMind catalog already;)

The bitterness involved in the bitching over gear versus no gear never ceases to amaze me!

As an example, is Gene Rychlaks raw bench shitty? Or does Svend Karlsen's (sp?) deadlift suck? NO.

It seems the debate over gear is often used as a shield of sorts (not necessarily in this thread).

Imagine for a second if Casey were alive to use a bench shirt and a squat suit. His total would, I'm guessing, be in the 2400 range?

My point is this:

Raw lifters should stop bitching about gear and just get strong enough to lift without it. Surely, after 40 years, raw records should be near suited records.

Suited lifters should get real, and realize that in 40 years of innovation in equipment, that totals should be way up. A 2500 lb suited total is not really as impressive as a 2300 lb raw total when gear supposedly adds hundreds of pounds.

Either way, lift big and get strong!



I've seen the term "bitching" applied to my opinion or preference of raw vs. gear.

Is that what you call it when anyone has a different view of the matter?

Sorry you feel that way.

If I wrote that lifters who use "gear" were assholes, wanna-bes, cheaters or anything else, I'd like to see you cut and paste it.

My PREFERENCE is clear and that is all it is so you can cry somewhere else.

If not... quit YOUR bitching.