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Pat_butchers Around The World Log


So im half way around the world working and in this last year have made little to no progress which is unacceptable. My gym isn't the best because im in fairly rural thailand but i will make do and come back bigger, stronger and faster.

Ill be practicing 3 lifts, 4-5 days a week with easy weights, almost like a warm up then a day for overhead pressing, horizontal pressing, posterior chain, quads and back and biceps.

The 3 lifts ill be practicing everyday are power snatch, military press and bench.

My gym situation is no squat rack and opening hours of 3-8 closed on a sunday, no protein shakes as over here laws mean they are incredibly expensive, food is very cheap and nutritious though so this shouldnt pose a gaining problem

Im 5 foot 6, unsure about weight currently as the gym scales are broken but i estimate about 62kg


In my second week of the program on day 4


Snatch 4 sets of 3 with 40kg
Military press 4 sets of 3 with 40kg
Bench 4 sets of 3 50kg

Push press with controlled eccentric and squeeze at peak contraction
45k 4 sets of 5-8

3 sets of Military press 30kg 7-10 reps (controlled eccentric and squeeze at the top) / diamond push ups 7-10 / laterals (no rest between exercises)

EZ bar overhead extensions (bar + 10k)
3 sets of 6-8


Posterior chain

Snatch 4 sets of 3 with 40kg
Military press 4 sets of 3 with 40kg
Bench 4 sets of 3 50kg

Dead worked up to an easy 90kg x2

Single leg deads ala bret contreras
3x10 with 20k slow concentric and eccentric

10 minutes of sprints


Military press 4 sets of 3 with 40kg
Bench 4 sets of 3 50kg
Sore Hamstrings so dropped snatch

worked up to an easy single with 70kg
Messed around with some isometrics against pins because my chest and triceps were a little sore

Did abs


Managed to tear my meniscus again so any lower body work is out of the question for the immediate future as i cant get it unlocked!

So all upper body this week, guna do some kind of concentrated loading approach with HFS included

Today did contrast sets of mill press, hit a easy single at 50kg with active rest a combination of biceps and upperback

Bench hit a comfortable 70kg for 2, would have liked to do a lot of volume rest paused style on bench but had to work in with 3 other guys so just couldn't do it

Tomorrow i think ill do HFS and then work up to a very easy 3 rep on both mil and bench then do some isometrics supersetted with deadstop mill and bench