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Pat Arnold Busted!


Patrick Arnold Indicted on Three Counts of Illegally Distributing Performance-Enhancing Drugs
United States Attorney Kevin V. Ryan announced that a federal grand jury in San Francisco indicted Patrick Arnold, of Champaign, Illinois, today on a 3-count indictment charging 1) conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids, 2) conspiracy to defraud consumers and the United States by introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce, and 3) introduction and delivery of the misbranded drug tetrahydragestrinone, also known as ?The Clear? and THG, into interstate commerce with the intent to defraud and mislead. This indictment is the result of an investigation by IRS?Criminal Investigation and the Food and Drug Administration, Office of Criminal Investigations.

According to the indictment, Mr. Arnold, 39, an organic chemist and prohormone manufacturer in Champaign, Illinois, is charged with conspiring with Victor Conte, the President of the Bay Area Lab Cooperative (Balco), and others to misbrand and to distribute the following drugs to professional athletes without adequate labeling, directions, and warnings regarding its use...


Nice article and good to see you around these parts Hoss.


God damn these fuckers!! They should be hung by thier balls for selling bullshit that people will be pumping into thier bodys!! Its one thing to sell a flooded car to someone, but totally differant if it could screw your body up.


are you being sarcastic here or serious?

if serious - what the hell are you doing on this forum???




"misbranding"??? Please do exaplin and maybe I would retract my statement. What did I miss?


Besides, this is old news.


dont get confused about how the govt labeled the crime, these guys were selling (or giving perhaps)steroids, many people on this forum buy steroids. its all illegal, they may not be "fuckers" any more than you or me.


"its all illegal,"

Please tell me what law you think was broken [at the time any of this happened]?


I think what timnmb2 is referring to is selling/giving this stuff to people and purporting that it's something else. Don't know if that's what is meant by the article, but I would see it as a problem if someone is buying gear thinking they're getting one thing, when in reality it's something else entirely. It may all be "illegal", but misleading someone about what they are putting in their body is dangerous.


My question would be if this guy is selling Bovine roids or watered down stuff and passing them off as legit, or, if they just mis-labeled them to throw off the FED's. You know, labeled cough suryp (example only guys, calm down), so you could keep it in your medicine cabinet.


He made a mistake and is going to pay for it. I wonder why in the world he chose to make/sell a designer steroid(s) to Conte when he was making a KILLING from 1AD and other PHs his ergopharm company was selling.

If this wouldn't have happened (PA selling to Conte and then the track athletes/MLB/NFL guys using the clear/cream) prohormones might not have recieved all the negative press that led to the Jan 19th ban. We'd still have access to 1T/4ad/MOHN/etc. and probably numerous others (not that there isn't a 2nd generation of designer roids sold under the guise of "pheremones" and the like such as Pheraplex, MTRN, halodrol50, etc. but those have now been discontinued).

Dumb move by PA. His ego must've got the better of him and now he is going down for it. I've got a feeling they're going to make an example of him...Conte and the rest got off EASY. I fear Patrick won't.