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Pat and Others: Lucy Lui

Wow…I wish a knew a lot more about her…but what she really seems to be (besides beautiful!) is SMART! She seems to have been able to break out of those sterotypical, “passive” roles (which often happens to Asian actresses) and is blazing her own path. (Talk about a new generation of Action Stars…whoa!)

I’m surprised Jackie Chang hasn’t teamed up with her in a movie. (Or has he?). I can see the two of them playing off each other, with her as the “buisness-like, getting-the-job-done” partner, always bustin’ Jackie’s balls…and Jackie being Jackie…it could be a LOT of fun!

Anyway…any thoughts on Lucy? (Can’t wait to see the new film with Antonio B.!)

I learned a lot from that girl. Walking out of Payback, you KNOW if you’re interested in S&M or not!

It has been said that Lucy Liu is a “poor man’s Michelle Yeoh”. I tend to agree. I guess I’m more of a Michelle Yeoh fan than Lucy. For one, Michelle Yeoh has EARNED it - the hard way. By performing her own stunts. And it took Jackie Chan FOREVER before he finally worked on a action flick with Michelle. However, he has worked with Lucy in a flick: Shanghai Noon.

While I do agree that Lucy is more intelligent than the average movie starlette, I believe she is where she is due to being at the right place at the right time. If you notice, being Asian is rather *ahem* "trendy in H-Town. And I also believe Lucy's popularity is due to Michelle Yeoh (for opening up the doors).

I think Lucy is hot. I’m attracted to her attitude more than her looks though. My sisters don’t see what’s so pretty about her, and neither does my mom. Anyways, I think if it’s gonna be a Kung Fu flick, then Michelle, is your girl. But if it’s gonna be a ‘drama’ based film, then Lucy is the better candidate.

Ooops…s.p.; it should be “CHAN”…

Yea…in Hollywood, there is a LOT of “being in the right place at the right time” stories…(I STILL have not seen “Shanghai Noon!”. That’s another I have to rent…I think Chan films are just plain FUN!!!)

I don’t usually chime in on cinema threads - mainly because I’m about as ignorant as possible on it all - but had to here. I don’t know jack shit about Lucy Lui as a person or even who Michelle Yeoh is but I do love the characters that Lucy has played…love the hardness, bitchiness, take-no-prisoners type attitude. If Michelle is anything like that -I’m sure I’d love her too. Wait, I just thought of something… Who was the chick that played the stepmom in “Drunken Master”? She seemed on top of her game as well as being hilarious.

The stepmother in “Drunken Master 2” was played by Anita Mui: a very famous actress/singer in the Asian entertainment industry.

There were rumors that Lucy Liu and Bill Murray did not get along in the making of Charlies Angel. Bill was about to bow out of the movie altogether. She was acting like a prima donna during the film and had to do mulitple retakes, needless to say, of them will be in the remake, but not both.

Mufasa, I have to say that I find that the chick from Rush Hour 2 and who also played in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is also another Asian female who does not play a passive role. Plus, I find her more attractive than Liu. Hehehe.

Just a general FYI on Asian women: historically, Asian women are anything BUT passive. In China’s past, husband and wife would often hunt together, Wing Chun was developed by Buddhist nuns. I could go on - even about Japanese women (such as Tomoe…- hey, char, care to comment?).

It is really the Western world that prefers to stereotype Asian women as "passive". There are many, many strong, better Asian actresses than Lucy. Lucy Liu is a one-note actress. While Michelle Yeoh has MUCH more range as an actress. As well as the aforementioned Anita Mui and Ziyi Zhang. There's also Maggie Cheung. Extremely talented women. Anita and Maggie have yet to capture H-Town's eye.

I find that true with the vietnemese(probably spelled wrong) culture also. My parents are in the seafood business in Louisiana and most of the people in the seafood business here are vietnemese. In most of the companies that we deal with, the woman are the bosses and handle a lot of the business matters. I can’t speak for all, but we probably deal with over 15 vietnamese businesses.