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Pastor Beaten and Tazed for Defending his Rights


Is this country America or China, Iran...?


Its owned by China and the Saudis.


We complain a lot about the federal gov't trampling on state's rights, but it has to be almost surreal to have such a visceral denial of rights. I'm not sure how I would react in his place, I can't say it would be calmly - which I'm sure would make things worse for me.

I'm glad this guy knew his rights, I'd hate to think of how many citizens just submitted to being searched due to false "probable cause"

I'd love to read to report filed by the border patrol, especially regarding the contents of his trunk.


Legally, doesn't the dog hitting on the trunk give probable cause? I know, I know, he didn't see the dog giving any kind of cue. But how many police dogs has he trained or handled? Yeah, I'm going to be the bad guy on this one. So? I still want answers!


Borrek - with you all the way on this one - wow, what a mockery of the rights of a US citizen!


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i dont know about narco dogs, but i know cadaver dogs are near 100% accuracy, so i imagine narco dogs are just about the same.

he obviously didn't have drugs, he wasn't arrested. So assuming this is true, and they way they kicked the shit out of him, i have a feeling the dog didn't detect anything. And they're normally trained to bark very loudly so there's no confusion in court.

i think things like this, and police violence in general is vastly under reported.

sad when people who know the details of their rights, in a time where others cant even tell you more than one amendment in the bill of rights, instead of being applauded, is simply beaten.


i believe that was a guy from the ron paul campaign.

well i guess he could be a pastor also.


The actual footage:


Different guy


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Short clip from beginning of checkpoint stop...."I'm pretty sure you're a terrorist."

Video of actual taser incident:

This is indeed a fucked up situation. However,it does seem "convenient" that people in these situations always have video cameras.


Laws aren't worth shit when cops can make defending rights unpractical. They thought this guy should be punished for being a smartass, and that's what they did. As long as they stick to the dog-sniffed-something line, they should be safe.

Meanwhile, most people (as in, have families, can't afford to be delayed for hours in check points, etc.) for watching this video would simply reinforce the belief that one shouldn't piss off cops. And next time they're in a similar situtation, they'll happily waiver their rights because they "have nothing to hide".




Could have easily been a cell phone camera.


I'm with Sloth on this one. While this looks bad, I want to hear the other side of the story before I make any decisions.


The police know the best way to handle this is to ignor it, they will not give it any creditability


They're ice skating in hell right about now.


All I know is that people in uniforms are heroes -- all of them.

God bless the USA!


lol. I'm thinking the same thing.