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Pasta, Different types

Alright guys I went to the grocery store today and I found 3 types of pasta. 1.) I found your average white, processed pasta. 2.) I found some italian whole wheat pasta which was brown. 3.) I saw Whole Grain pasta

Now Which one of those is the best as far as GI and II is concerned. I bought the whole wheat italian stuff which contains Durum whole wheat semolina, vitamins (PP, B1, B2) and ferrous lactate. Now should I have bought the whole grain one? That one was in a box and pretty expensive. I take it that the whole wheat one is still severly processed? Any input would be appreciated.

It really depends on the brand.The higher quality pastas are better. Expense does not necessarily denote quality, but you probably purchased a decent pasta.

Well ko that may be the case, but the whole grain pasta was darker than the whole wheat one I bought. That lead me to believe that it’s less processed.

Pasta made from 100% durum wheat is going to be lower on the GI scale than just plain old whole wheat. Color is not a good indicator as the maker can add color. Again it depends on the brand. If you stick to imported brands, you will more than likely get a better product as Italy(and European countries in general)has strict food quality laws.

Can’t you also tell by looking at the fiber content? I would think that the pasta with the most fiber content per equivalent serving would have the lowest glycemic index.