pasta - a joke

I know this may sound absurd,but in my high school science class,our teacher told us that pasta is a good source of protein.I laughed at this,since plain white pasta is horrible for you. what do you guys think of this?

No, obviously not a good source of protein, but as far as it being horrible for you, that’s extremely overrated.

I don’t know if plain white pasta is horrible for everybody, maybe for yourself but that is a very general statement. White pasta is kind of like milk in a way that for some people it is terrible and others it is god sent. I know when I am looking to gain weight I turn to pasta for the increase calories (normally the meal after I lift or mid day).

But anyway as for the good source of protein, although most would say to educate your teacher, odds are he or she won?t listen, just laugh it off.

Well, ounce for ounce it is better than bread. an ounce of whole wheat pasta is 4.5 grams of protein, while an ounce of whole wheat bread is about 2.5 grams. However, neither is a complete protein. To make them a complete protein (one that your body can use efficiently) you have to eat them with beans. And even with beans they can’t compete ounce for ounce, calorie for calorie, with tuna, lowfat cottage cheese, and chicken.

Kill her and eat her brains. Then tell her it’s a good source of protein. If this doesn;t work make a pasta vodoo doll of her and poke her with sharp objects every three minutes.
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get some pasta made from durum wheat. it has about 12 grams of protien per serving. i stumbled on this by mistake, found it at walmart. cheap too, 61 cents if a pound.

pasta, yummmmmm! I eat a grip two-three hours after weights. Almost all the time. Not a protein source, but definately wrong in it being a bad source. Not everyone is restricting carbs!

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Yeah, different types have different amounts. Eggs are an ingredient, but you’d have to eat a hell of a lot to get any meaningful amount of egg protein.

Pasta is primarily a flour product, how can you defend that? I agree with the poster. Sure, some people have great insulin sensitivity and pasta will do wonderfull things for them. For everyone else, pasta should be considered no differently from those items it resembles; white bread, bagels, cold cereals without fiber, and white rice. We don’t recommend these foods, do we?

And they wonder why our kids grow up stupid!!!