Past Liver Hemangioma and TRT

I’ll start by stating I am young. I am 27. I began “supplementing” from 20-23ish. I destroyed my hormones and suffered a hepatic liver bleed from a hemangioma bursting about 4 years ago. It resulted in a long drawn out process of eventually having a right hepectamy(removal of the right side of my liver). Now I don’t want to mess around so I’m just wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience and later after recovering gone on to do TRT. I’ve had my testosterone checked twice since recovering and once it was just under 200 and the second time right around 300. I know nobody but a doctor can answer definitively but curious if anyone has any experience similar.

Studies has shown people with higher testosterone levels recover from surgeries, physical therapy and emergency situations more quickly than those with lower testosterone.

Having adequate testosterone is needed as it is part of the healing process. The real question is why your testosterone levels are low, which can be answered by testing a few biomarkers.

The LH and FSH will tell you if you’re primary (testicular failure) or secondary (pituitary failure). In some causes of low-T, the prolactin is elevated indicating a pituitary tumor which can suppress testosterone.

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