Past injury

Earlier this year, I did c&j with medium weight, progressing up to my max. When I split my feet on the jerk, I felt a small pop in the front of my knee, just above the shin. I felt a sharp pain. Following that, I could go down into a squat, but it hurt. So I started taping just below my right knee.

A couple of weeks later, my left knee started hurting, so I taped it too during training. Taping certainly helped. My knees still hurt, but it was manageable. Eventually the pain became so excruciating that I would have to cover my knees in heated ice pads to numb the pain whenever I was sitting around at home. I was still training despite all this. After a month or so the pain went away.

Now my knees feel just fine and hasn’t been an issue since. I was just thinking back on this and was wondering if anyone experienced anything similar.

No, haven’t experienced anything like that. How are your knees now?