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Past Fat Boy Bulk


Use to way 260 was very strong indeed but was also quite fat. Ended up have surgery on both shoulders and right wrist from weight lifting. So I started dieting down and doing conditioning instead of letting it all turn to fat and cut down to 183. I have managed my weight all the way from 183 to 218 when I was on (M-Drol). I am currently trying to bulk again because I had a very messed up some working at a camp for kids, couldn't lift as much as I would have liked and pretty much went vegetarian while I was there because it was either salad or pizza, I chose to the lesser of the two evils for a man that loves the bodybuilder life style. I am as I said in the subject a past fat boy and I am a easy weight gainer but I want to bulk and get strong. I wanted opinions on my diet, give me all the information and comments you want, positive or negative I will take it in because I love to learn.

Age: 21 Weight:200 Height: 5'11" Currently taking 5-Deca-Zol and of course my regular supplements.

Bulking Diet:
Protein Shake
Oats(1 C)
Peanut Butter(2 tbsp)
OJ(Half Cup)
Tuna(1 Can)
Oats(1/3 C)
Turkey(6-8 slices)
Onions and pickles on top
Fresh spinach, carrot, mushroom salad
12:45 Pre
2:30 Post
Protein Shake
2 cans of tuna
1 sweet potato
Pure Protein Bar
2 pieces of fish
Broccoli and Carrots
Bowl of Broccoli and Cauliflower
Protein Shake


It looks pretty solid, but do you have an easy time being consistent with that? Seems like a lot of pre-planning.


Yeah, this is my college bulk diet, so three of them meals are prepared for me : )