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Past Broken Hand & Problems Now

Sup guys, about 3 years ago I broke my hand in three places and also broke my wrist. I gave it well over a year before I began lifting again. Things went fine when I was doing lighter weights but now that Im stepping up my game its becoming quite the hinderance. 

A good example of a problem is when doing preacher curls with the EZ curl bar on the preacher bench my pinky and ringfinger will pull away from the bar leaving me trying to hold it with only 3.5 fingers on the right side.

As you may expect my grip strength on my right side is much weaker then my left as it is limited to my thumb, pointer, and middle finger. I also no longer have independent control of my pinky and ring finger. I do on my left however.

In normal day to day situations this has rarely been a problem, but theres something about shoulder presses or incline dumbell presses with a sketchy wrist that tends to make things a bit more interesting.

I currently use a glove with a built in wrist brace, Ive tried lifting without it and that doesnt seem safe to me at all. With it there is no pain, just limited grip and stability.

If there is anything you can suggest or advice you can give Id appreciate it! Thanks!

I asked one of the lifters I respect at my gym for his opinion and this is the advice he gave me. “Throw those gloves in the trash, protecting your wrist now is like wearing a cast for the rest of your life because your broke your leg when you were three.”

For the fingers its been suggested I get flexible tape and just tape them together.

I broke my left arm abut 3 years ago and my right wrist about 5 years ago. Really, the only time it bothers me lifting is when I’m doing bench presses. When I’m doing high reps with lower weight, no issues. When I attempt to do higher weight with lower reps, I feel some discomfort occationally. The only time it’s a real issue is when I’m trying to up my 1 RM. I just take it slowly and don’t try to rush things. I know it’s hindered my development but what can you do?