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Passport Virgin


Yea, I admit it. I a PP virgin and have never had a passport.

What is the best option for getting one. I don't have a trip planned or anything so urgency is not a matter.

The only factors that I have considered are cost, time to get it, and effort (it takes to get it).... I want to spend as little on these 3 as possible....



Go to the post office and get an application.


It's simpler that that.


ask the interwebz it knowses the answer...


Keep in mind - You need additional visas for certain countries. China, for example. For that, you will apply at that particular countries embassy. It can take a while - so have approx. 3 months cushion. It can be expedited for $$$$


I got mine in the mail this week it's pretty easy.

Go online and fill out the application.

Go to a local drug store and get passport photos taken, cheaper to do it that way. Most drug stores will do it and you can also go online to the CVS website or whatever is in your are to find one that does it.

Go drop off your application at the post office. You can make an appointment or just walk it. Make sure you have a photo ID and proof of citizenship to mail in.

You pay the post office some for a processing fee and you send a check or money order in with your application for the passport fee.

Wait a few weeks and get your stuff back in the mail.


I knew I could count on ya'll.

I checked the site and it says first timers have to go tothe post office in person.

Like I said I don't have a trip planned so I will check it out mas.


That should be a sin :slightly_smiling:


In theory, would never having had sex balance that one out?

How about getting a passport for the purpose of having sex.. with a whore.

Good thing I don't buy into religion.


I am a whopper virgin.


Two wrongs don't make a right and thus, being a true virgin does not constitute a valid excuse for never having had a passport. Sorry.




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I'm not following.. what was my other wrong?


No he only "pwnt" himself by not realizing that 1) the OP had already pwnt himself in his first post 2) valid information was already provided, including the link that contained the most hits out of his search criteria 3) he's trying to be funny/clever/passive aggressive by posting one of the most overused memes at this time.

I'm sure there was more, but suffice to say it was clearly not called for at this point of the thread.

Oh right, I'm a dick.


huh? you guys get passports like that? for me if i don't get a passport it means i aint a citizen and i get deported. even from my own country. Weird.


In the US proof of citizenship is either a US birth certificate or a certificate of naturalization, a passport just allows one to return to the country.

OP make sure you keep your receipts for the photos. I worked for the NPIC and cant tell you how many photos get messed up and require for you to get new ones, if this happens just bring the letter you receive back to the photo place with the receipt.