Aside from bb’ing. what are everyone’s other passions that guide them through life–for example:
I love what i do as a forensic criminal sexologist…the research/writing/working with clients/data analysis
I love everything about techno/progressive trance-from collecting old school euro-dance original press cd’s to having every song and mixing phat ass live sessions
I love to read: Did anybody ever read the Chronicles of Narnia as a kid?..–its my contention harry potter is a rip off of what C.S. Lewis started.
Basically, what is everyone else passionate about?

Great question! Sometimes I think that people that get into the “fitness” business allow this to completely overtake their lives (and indeed it does affect all aspects of one’s life). But it happens to such a degree that sometimes individuals become so obsessed that they don’t balance anything else in their lives–and that includes friends, family, other activities. It becomes “all about me and my beautiful body” and can be very distasteful to others and destructive to oneself.
Anyways, on to your real question. My other passions are: reading as well (and yes the Narnia Chronicles are terrific!), my family (should come before reading really), and travel. I LOVE going to and seeing new places. Luckily I have been fortunate enough to visit Europe, have been down to the Caribbean, have travelled across North America a couple of times and have been to parts of the southern States. I would love to still see parts of Africa, Greece, Egypt, and of course Australia and New Zealand.

Passions – my walk with Christ, my family, my dreams and achieving them, helping others achieve their dreams, cycling.

My girlfriend, my friends and family, grilling out, enjoying the outdoors, traveling, theme parks, rollercoasters, other fitness activities (mountain biking, in-line skating), import car performance, cooking, music, and living life and enjoying it! Now if only I could win the lotto so I could quit working and have more time to do the things that are passionate to me and not have to worry about money.

Personally, I am a self-improvement freak. If their is something out there that can make be a better, more efficient, more understanding person I’m there. Men are From Mars…self hypnosis, superlearning, speed reading, I’ve tried (and continue) to try it all. Perhaps that’s why I like lifting-I’m improving myself. As far as the Narnia-Potter debate, read Lord of the Rings, I believe it outdates both by quite a few years. Or how about any of the Red Wall series? Really they’re just the good verses evil conflict-check out any of the star wars movies for that instance, Lucas is really big into the good/evil, and took a lot of history in college.

I take great pleasure in guns, knives, bass guitar, and beer. But my real passion if for my Vixen. Without her, there simply is no fun in anything.

Actually, there are quite a few good articles regarding C.S. Lewis and Tolkien and how their religious beliefs were background for their respected tales. I actually am extremely fond of both (the books, not the religious beliefs…).

Passions: Well, fitness is just one part of me. I am a typical Sagitarian: I LOVE to learn just for the sake of it. I still have a sense of wonder about the world around me. I'm a artist first and a bodybuilder second. I LOVE to create. I LOVE spending my time alone in my studio. I LOVE cinema. I enjoy reading about the behind the scenes process of making a movie. I LOVE reading. Anything. I LOVE the fact that I learn things from Ko. That he provides me with a different perspective at times. I enjoy pushing my body and tapping inward to see how far mentally and physically I can go. Ohhh, how I love life.

In regards to your occupation. Have you ever read the book, “Dead Men Do Tell Tales” by a renowned forensic anthropologist? Excellent read.

Since you asked, pitbulls. I love all dogs but I am passionate about this breed. I’ve mentioned a few times before in other threads that my wife and I rescue them, so I won’t bore everyone with the details again.

My walk with God, my wife and our two cats(Wiley and Peaches), hanging out with friends and families, board games (love Settlers of Katan, Outburst, Taboo, and Cranium amongnst many others). I also have to say that I love all three series of books: Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Harry Potter (when is book 5 coming out?). I don’t think Harry Potter is a takeoff on either one. My wife and I also have several favorite TV shows, but I think “24” is the best show on TV right now. Anyway, I agree that the pursuit of fitness can take over one’s life and it is important to have a variety of other interests.

Horses, black labs, ham radio, my business of automotive high performance functional parts, reading when I have the time, and, at the front of the list, my family.

Food , martial arts, and my girl.

My passions, in no particular order, my man - who is an incredible friend and support, my family, my house and its endless to-do list, my cats, short track speed skating, my family, my friends, rugby, and unfortunately, my job search. That said, I am a classic ADD case, I want to do everything all the time, the minute I don’t have 50 projects going on I look for something to add to the list. I love to read, I have literally hundreds of books. Yes, Narnia was great, I liked the Hobbit though never got into the rings books. I am a un-closeted DragonLance addict. Currently trying to convince the man that I should have a dog… hey Magnus, got a female puppy for me???

My daughter, golf, and reading.

Football, basketball… anything athletic. Which leads to my passion for fitness.

I’m also attempting to reach a balance, since I don’t believe in religion, I’ve been looking into some martial arts to give myself some perspective on a spiritual life. Ancient Japanese culture fascinates me. I enjoy reading fantasy type novels… Feist, Jordan, Goodkind(last one sucked though) Weis and Hickman.

One thing has been taking over most of my spare time. I’m glad I’m able to get my workout time in during the workday. A 6 month pregnant girlfriend. Yikes.

Passions? whats that, I’ve forgotten, damn near dead inside.

This message board…

Speed (velocity, not recreational drug) in various forms.

passions…hmmm. well hockey took up 12 years of my life, so that would have to be a big passion. i love flirting with girls, when i was with my girlfriend i liked hanging out with her. i like watching movies, tv, wwf, music, oh and frolf. frisbee-golf. if you havent played it, you gotta learn how. its AWESOME.

Fishing, hunting (pratically hunt everything. from deer to ducks to alligators.), golf, my labrador retriever and teaching him to retreive, although new-Boxing, fast cars,trucks, hanging with my friends, improving oneself, and learning new things.