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Passion of Christ Movie

What does everyone think about the passion of the Christ movie? The sub-titles made it difficult to stay focused for me. Other then that I was transfixed and deeply moved by the amount of torture this Holy Man endured. Reflecting on the what is happening in todays headlines, it doesn’t seem to be much different huh?

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Me no like movie. Reading hard.

Well, it always feels good to watch other people suffer. But the satanization of jews in the movie left me quite disturbed.

What planet is everyone living on?? I’m sorry, but the extreme over-reaction by the majority of jews in the media is child-like. It also borders on arrogance. Did everyone forget everything they have ever learned in their history classes. Torture is so fucking common place it’s ridiculous. Most religions have practiced EXTREME measures of torture to keep their faith on top. The Inquisition (sp) comes to mind. The Crusades. I’m sure others could rattle off more. I saw many examples in the movie of jews being very sympatheic to his suffering but they were powerless to help. One man helped him carry the cross! People in power, no matter what faith, have generally always been heavy handed when it comes to squashing perceived “rebellions”. Reality is harsh sometimes.

Loudon, the thoughts you express here have already been discussed on the other thread, by “arrogant” and “child-like” Jews and their friends.

From what I hear, it is truly a movie about Man, or the Human Race for the PC crowd.

What depths Man can stoop down to.

What I found most interesting in media reviews so far is that religious out-of-this-world, fantasy, miracles and similar fireworks have been kept to a minimum, if at all, in this movie.


This shifts the debate from fantasy vs science to look what humans can inflict upon each other, a debate which every race, time, and sex can relate to.

Even atheists like me.

I thought this movie was great. Yet, it was just a movie, a movie that tried to recreate what really happened to this man named Jesus. The question that everyone must ask themselves is, is this the real deal? Does Jesus have any significance in my life? Did he really rise from the dead? This movie is great because it is based upon the greatest person, events, and time period this world has ever had.

From an Atheist: Great flick. Gibson is a genius. I would guess this thing cost <50M to make, and looks to pass Titanic before all is said and done. Even though I am not a believer, I was deeply moved. The reaction of many others in the theatre was pronounced. Many times my wife had to cover her eyes. Left the theatre feeling like I had been punched in the gut. As for the tratment of the Jews - seemed to me that they were illustrating a political / religious power struggle. So what? This has happenned countless times with any group you could name on either end of the stick.

I can’t believe how people are reacting to how brutal the crucifixion was. What did they think, that this method of torture was supposed to be pretty??