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Passing Time At Work


I work as a security officer, 12 hours shifts from 6:30pm till 6:30am in an office building that is basically empty the entire time. This means I can just sit on my ass and do nothing, more or less. Obviously, its gets boring at times.

So I'm kinda wondering for anyone else with boring jobs like mine, what they do to pass time. I have a laptop and have been playing some PC games (no internet though). Also some reading/masturbating, but really I feel like I could be more productive with my time.

I thought about maybe doing some distance education and study something (I like learning new stuff) with all this time. The job is dead end anyway so I don't plan on doing it forever.



I'd probably learn a new language or two.


Or write a movie, if you're into that sort of thing.


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dude how awesome is that!

how many interactions do you have with other ppl in a normal day?

have you ever gone a whole day without seeing a single person?


start working your way threw some classic books or take some college courses. Do something to improve your self.

what a suck job.


haha...well almost. I do need to call people every few hours, but have been some days where I have just woken up, gone straight to work, talked to the other guard for 5 mins then done my shift and gone home to bed without seeing anyone else. Yea...it gets lonely.

The job isn't the best, but it is the highest paying job I've had, and funny enough, the one with the least amount of work to do.


for sure learn a new language. just walk around the building you're the security guard for talking to yourself in that language its always good to hear it outloud. i have a shitload of downtime at the job i have now and im pretty fluent in italian and practice it all the time and get bored and try to learn new vocab. Also i've started learning portuguese. Another good thing to do would be to make a super perfect and amazing resume to get a less shitty job



Eat every two hours.

Hell, jobs like that are perfect for bodybuilding.


I loved my old job [was a year's contract]

All I did was sit at a desk all day and was allowed to eat/drink whenver/whatever I wanted

and the workload was so minimal, I used to go in, have breakfast at my desk, work for 2 hours solid

have lunch, then chill until the shift was over.

bodybuilders dream


Make yourself a curriculum of self improvement and follow it! You wont always have this kind of time to use while earning money. Make the best of it.


Im at a job where there is ALOT of downtime......

I spend my time here.....on sportsblogs....other fitness blogs....and I follow baseball games online (football when its in season)

Plus I checkout channelsurfing.net and ustream tv when its really boring.


Try beating off as many times as you can, then keep trying to break your own record.


I thought about a second language. Was never really good at learning it when I was at school, besides I have no idea which language I would choose. Maybe French?

It is good for eating though. The place has about 10 kitchens, all stocked with heaps of milk (for their coffee's) so I usually down a fair bit each night.


My job is similar, but not as lame. I have an at home sales job. I can pretty much work as much or as little as I want. I've never had a 9 to 5, but I'm guessing they suck. A 12 hr job, away from home, that was just sitting around? That, my friend, would suck.


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or u could find a better job?


Books on tape or CD. Your local library will have a large selection. Some libraries even have downloadable audiobooks for your mp3 player you can access via their website.

I have a 2.5-3 hr commute a day, and listen to a LOT of books on CD.


Assuming, of course, you can't, for whatever reason, just read books.


I'd waste even more time on here than I already do.

that being said, nice avi OP


I had a job like that.It cant be better.Maybe sometimes it is boring but If you are smart enough you can end up learning and doing useful stuff while getting paid. You win

I was a ice rink watcher. When there was people and I felt like it I played hockey. It was well paid. I did my homeworks and read book. I listened to music.

I worked in a poor neighborhood, the most interesting I did was writing everything weird people said to each other live on my labtop. Then I drawed the scene on paint with the text and everything. After the season I had a collection of approx twenty situation. Some were damn funny.