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Passing on the Knowledge


Hey guys it's been awhile. Still doing it in one fashion or the other. I am about to attempt to train 3-4 young deliquient teens in the art of physical training. If there is anyone whom has had such an experience or something close to it. I would graciously except any help I can get.

I want to get a proper start, so any wisdom will be reviewed with care. Thanks guys.


WB streamline!

good to see you- lots of new faces here too.

there are plenty of dads- training their own somewhat delinquent brood.


Im coaching my 13 year old in weight training . Along with coaching 10-12 year olds in youth football.


Hi, Streamline! I used to read your stuff when I was lurking here. Joined a few months ago and really love it.

Delinquent teens? So you're working at a youth center or something like that?


Im training three teens(not delinquent)all with different body types.It takes a little planing but they have all noticed changes in their physiques and strength levels.They do 3 x week,Mon is Bi and tri day with abs.Wed is chest and back with abs and friday is leg hell day.To keep them interested I do the same muscle groups but change the exercises,rep speed and rep counts weekly.


Then how can they tell if they are getting stronger?


Once a month we do a max on certain exercises.For example one of the young men is my son.When he started with me his bench max was 225 at 145 lbs.In three months its up to 245.I would say that it is working.


Still working on the basics. More big talk than big muscle. I will stay the course, not sure they will. It was to be their call, I'm not chasing anyone anymore.


good for you for trying! but are still chasing people on skates aren't you??? hehehe


Let there be know doubt, I will humble all slackers!