Passing a USADA Piss Test as an Athlete

Hey guys. I’m an athlete that has to take one USADA piss test immediately post competition (within an hour of competing). I normally just do 400 mg of test prop a week for 8 weeks leading up to competing but now my sport has USADA testing us.

My original thought was to just cycle off well before competing. But I know nolvadex can be in my system up to two months or so. Meaning I’d have to get off The test well Before I compete and wouldn’t be able to use it to aid my training in the crucial few months before I compete.

My question to you all is. Does anyone know if it’s possible to run say 400 mg a week of test prop but then the last two or three weeks before competition go down to a TRT does of 100mg a week and pass a USADA piss test?

From what I understand they don’t do CIR tests unless your testosterone and epitestosterone ratio is off. My thoughts were by administering a trt dose the last few weeks it should bring my levels to that of a normal male and therefore I’d pass the test. Am I onto something here? Or is there something I’m missing and I’d still fail?

Doing This would allow me to be on test prop while training for my competition and not have to worry about cycling off months in advance and possibly getting popped for nolvadex if I time my PCT wrong.

Anyone here have any thoughts? Am I way off in thinking I could pass a USADA Piss test if I just administer myself a trt dose of test the last few weeks before I compete ?

My first thought is don’t cheat, but you didn’t say what sport it was

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I would think USADA has thought about that scenario and has a way to figure out if you did it. From what I’ve heard on the Joe Rogan Podcast it doesn’t sound like USADA fucks around but not sure if they do different levels of testing for different sports and if it depends on the level of the sport you’re at.

shut up nerd everyone cheats.


I think if it is possible to compete at a high level untested, that is what should be done. For example if you juice and compete in tested powerlifting you are a douche.

Something like competitive cycling is a different story. One of the Tour de France titles (taken from Armstrong) went to the guy who finished 14th. When they retroactively tested the top 13 guys with new technology, they all failed.

They sell fake penises and fake urine online just for these scenarios.

I wish the UFC would go back to the old days where guys were fighting at 300+ lbs with low bf juiced the fuck up.

Pride was like that. UFC when it used to do tournaments was pretty amazing. They didn’t have weight classes, and hardly any rules (Pride had far fewer rules than UFC). I remember seeing one individual who wore timberlands, and a single boxing glove for blocking.

Yes for mma the testing is more stringent and involved randomized blood tests.

I am looking to pass a test on a date I know of beforehand that is not a blood test.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to reply. I compete in a sport where everyone is using at the elite level.

I understand people take exception to competing on gear however that’s the reality of my situation. I did not intend for this post to turn into people debating the ethics of competing on juice. Just to see if anyone had an answer to my question regarding passing a test

I don’t think there’s a way of getting around a drug test a few weeks out. Nowadays I believe certain federations are so strict they’ll watch you while you piss.

“Oil chances” are incredibly dangerous… And stupid

You can take this risk… But if they do decide “carbon isotope ratio testing for all” you’re fucked. You also don’t know at what exact dose test/epitest ratio would be off as it differs for everyone… I think you’re in a sticky situation here

Yeah I know they won’t do CIR for everyone due to the expense unless the test to epi test ratio is greater than 4:1 however I wasn’t sure if taking a normal dose of test for a few weeks would stabilize my numbers or still keep them out of wack.

I appreciate the reply