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Passing a Drug Test

Hey i was wondering if anybody out there knows ways to pass a drug test for well test lol, I heard you can drink alcohol the night before and pop a whole bunch of estrogen pills to try to balance out your levels, but i have my doubts on this. Anyway if someone out there has any insight plz let me kno. Thanks

Well you should ask for gf for some birth control pills and double or triple the dose.
Take it for a few days

Next stay awake for 2 to 3 days on speed or something hard core.

Then take a cleaner from the heath food store that clears your bowels to make sure you don’t any traces that can be detected.

Drink 2 8 oz glasses a day of raw eggs. The omega kind are the best.

Drink some vinegar malted is ok but the best comes from pickle jars.

Drink lots of acoholic drinks.

Jerk off lots to be sure your running on empty.

Make sure you take some viagra or cialis just before your tested.

That is a sure fire method I found in a gym locker somewhere. Not that its ever been tested. :smiley:

Do exactly what dirtbag said. What is the drug test for? Unless they told you specifically they are test for AAS they’re not!!! Use the search function, its located in the upper right hand corner of your page and is labeled SITE SEARCH. There has been many threads on this very same subject. Good Luck