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Passing a Drug Test Tomorrow


ok yall I know this is a lil off topic but i need to know how to pass a drug test . do yall know what i can do to pass a pee test . and i need to take it tomorow!!!


You can't, unless you switch piss with someone else. You can't get rid of the steroid metabolites in your piss. Even if you try to dilute by drinking a bunch of water, they will know you diluted by levels of other metabolites.

Is this for a job? They will likely not be testing for steroids anyways if it is.


use some one else's clean urine. or get a whizz pack. or try one of the masking agents you can buy at head shops.


What drugs have you used and how long ago was your use? There are many ways to attempt to mask drugs in urine. Unless it is directly mentioned standard drug tests do not detect steroids, as I understand steroid drug tests are much more expensive.


maybe he is in sports, probably just sneak in someone else's pee? I remember seeing some show about football-was fake- but the running back was on roids and had another persons pee injected into him so he could pee that and not his. Not sure if that exists but pretty interesting.


Hopefully this post will help not only you, but anyone else with this question:

If this is for work, either pre employment or random, they will not be looking for steroids. The will be looking for the usual suspects, thc, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, benzos, and pcp. This is basically because a test to include steroids is more expensive, since there are more QC standards for the testing company to keep updated and calibrated for on their equipment. Since steroids aren't the main cuplrit in loss time, they aren't typically looked for.

If this is a sports related test, you can bet your ass that they will be looking for steroid metabolites as well as the other drugs.

As far as masking, if this is a GC/MS test, you can't mask anything as this will detect anything added to the urine and will raise a flag, if not fail you for adultering. The cleanout drink sold in head shops are bunk bucause they instruct you to take the product with a ton of water. Water alone can dilute your urine to undetectable limits of the test.

The drawback to diluting is that they probably will do a creatinine count, and if it below the standard range, you may fail for dilution.

If this is a kit test, they will just add a few drops of urine to the kit and will show a line by each metabolite listed if positive. This test can be diluted without much fear, however they will check the temp of the urine, and it must be between 94-97 degrees F. This is standard for all urinalyses to make sure it came from the individual and not the tap or other place.

There is another test kit which is just a cup with the list of metabs on it and reads the urine temp and indicates with a dot or line the positives. Much like the dropper kit, but there is no transferring of the urine, which is popular for a quick random in some companies.

However, if this is a test done for work in a saftey sensitive environment, you can be sure that it will be on a GC/MS. This is one of the most effective way to detect, quantify, and rule out false positives. It is very precise, and hard to beat. You're either clean or you're not. This is also the case if they are testing for sports.


I've never had to worry about anything other than your typical THC/narcotics/barbituates drug test but have, regardless, taken dozens of them. How is it possible to try to sneak someone else's pee? The way we get tested, the person supervising you pee basically has his eyes set on your Johnson the whole time.


There is a device that some of my friends have used for piss tests where "they stare at your johnson" the whole time. It is called a "Wizzinator" (I'm unsure of the correct spelling) and basically it is a fake penis with tubing ran through it. There is a pouch tucked away behind your balls and you fill it with clean urine. When you take your test, pull it out and open a valve and apply pressure to the pouch. It looks like you are peeing. These devices happen to be illegal if you get caught, not to mention the embarrassment of the whole thing.


A running back from the Vikings got busted at an airport a couple years back with the whizzinator. It was around the "Love Boat" scandal time frame. Funny shit.


ok i made it i passed my test. how i passed it was i percussed some azo urinary tract infection medicine . and what it does is clean out your blader of toxins so i had 2 yestday morning 2 at 12 and 2 around 8 then got up at 5 drank water pissed 3 times before 8 .

and if you do this make sure you pee alot to help clean out your system and make sure you dont take the azo's to close to going and takeing the test because you pee red and brite orange lol but if you time it right you wake up pee out the last orange thats why i pissed 3 times . but your good to go. and just if you was wanting to know what i am dirty for is weed and i just started a cycle of deca.