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Passing a Blood Test?



Any one got any info on passing a blood test, I�??m a week into sus 250, d-bol course, have to pass a blood test for work visa in the UAE, I�??m guessing its a HIV test.

Will they check juice in my system, any recommendations of a supplement to take to mask it, thanks.



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I'm sorry but a lot of things at work here on my pc are blocked, including most Google pages related to pharmacy�??s and other things like that, this place is crazy they just do what they want, I can�??t believe I was so thick to bring my course into the country, when a guy at work the other day had one beer, got pulled over had a breath test while driving home it showed up, now he is sitting in A UAE jail for 2 months, would of been nice trying explain what�??s in my toilet bag at the air port.

SO PLEASE no more stabs at me, just answer the question or don't answer the question simple, no one knows what situation we are all at the moment.