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Passerby Pushes Suicidal Man Off Bridge


Why the hell would you do that?


Not what I pictured at all.

Looks like he knew the inflatable cushion was under the bridge and just pushed the guy to prevent further disturbance. I'm interested to know why the police/firefighters present let him [the passerby] climb up there in the first place.


Thought it was actually kind of entertaining/funny. Now if he had intentionally pushed him off knowing there was NOT a safety mat below that would be pretty fucked up.


i loled


He was just helping the guy out. Put a quick and orderly end to the scenario. That right elbow sticking out looked kinda bad though.


This is the most misleading thread ever. Good day, sir.


that old guy is alpha


Asian people.


Do ya wanna?


He wasn't suicidal at all. He tried his best to stop himself from falling.

I too lol'd


I know.... he tried to stop himself from falling ON A PILLOW. lol, fuckin attention whore. Dude did the right thing by ending his little attention whoring escapade.


fuck these suicidal people. we get about a half dozen "suicide" attempts every night in our ED. most are not serious at all, and just an attention getting ploy.

there is an old joke among ED nurses, it goes like this:

you know you are ab ED nurse if you think there should be a community education class called "suicide, getting it RIGHT the first time"



Before I clicked I thought that it would be wrong...but now I think it's right. Good old guy!


Inspector Callahan approves of the old man's actions.


I don't feel bad for laughing at this...


Same. Old guy is frickin' alpha, and scaled that bridge with a spritely ease too.


Lol...same here. And immediately I thought of that Lethal Weapon scene.

Just a shame the pusher didn't do a double bicep pose to seal the deal. =P


I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels like this. My city is around a million people, and is the largest city land wise in the country. There are 3 main bridges to cross the river to the other half of the town. And at least 1-2 times a year some genius gets the bright idea to "jump" off one. It damn near closes down the city for the entire day because getting from one bridge to the next takes a minimum of an hour.

Anyway, kudos to the old dude for pushing him off, too bad he didn't actually die.


Who the hell takes a backpack with them to commit suicide? Were there some supplies he was going to need on the way down?


I remember a few years ago in DC, a man was threatening to jump off the Wilson bridge. They (when I say "they" I'm referring to "DC'S finest" police department LOL) stopped traffic for EIGHT FUCKING HOURS. They finally ended the situation by shooting the asshole with one of those "bean-bag" guns and he fell in the water anyway. I wish someone had pushed that mutherfucker off about 7 hours earlier!