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Passed Out After Injection

 About 2 minutes after doing my first thigh injection(about 15 minutes ago) i got up and went into the bathroom to dab the little bit o blood on my leg. i was standing there applying a little pressure and i started to feel a little quezzy. next thing i remeber i am listening to the tv like nothing is wrong and i suddenly realize my fiancee is standing over me and i am lying on the trash can(which sadly did not make it thru the ordeal) and sweating like no other. 

i rolled onto the floor and chilled as she ran around trying to get ready to take me to the hospital. i knew i was fine, but it was hard to say anything so i just kicked it. she came back and i was laughing and laying by the toilet. i got up after a couple of minutes and felt a little tingly but now im fine. i was a little nervous about injecting into the thigh,and i didnt want to f up.

i’ve been getting hrt for over a year now with weekly glute injections(and ive givin myself a couple along the way as well)so i am not afraid of the pin. maybe next week i’ll stick to the glute.

yea it was probably nothing I know that whenever I give myself an injection on an empty stomach i sweat and feel extremely nauseous

You’d be surprised to know how common those reactions are.

About 10% of people have a similar reaction for blood and/or needles.

It could be normal fainting from blood/needles or a reaction to the injection. Slight shock. Probably the latter. I would try it again but lay down after to be safe.

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muhh? :smiley:

I haven’t “passing out experience”… In a certain (high) measure i like needles, blades and so on :smiley:

may be i’m a bit sado-masochist… weeeeell no.
I’m a LOT SM :wink:

15 minutes is a lot of time to pass after the shot. If the shot caused it, the passing out would have happened sooner I think.

Was it a new vial or one you shot before? Were you dehydrated?

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Vasovagal syncope.


The most common one of those I see in my line of work is poor Privates passing out in formation after a 2-hour long ceremony.

It must have been nerves and an empty stomach. i hadnt eaten that day because i was on the road up until that point.the onoy time i got nervous was when i was trying to make sure i was in the proper location according to what i was looking at on spotoninjections.com. i over did it with the details and must have spent too much time thinking about it. there was a small amount of pain, but im using 22g 1" pins.

it’s wierd that i sat there applying a little pressure for about 1-2 minutes, then spent another minute with tissue paper in the bathroom, and then i finally passed out. i was bent over and i may have had a knee locked, but i felt instantly shitty when i bent over; then nohting but trash can. i felt a little groggy for a while but it was gone by the end of the night. thanks for the tips, it helped ease my mind quickly.

it’s funny, i came here before even thinking about seeing a doctor. i love me some T-Nation!