Pass Around Forum: Update

The “Pass Around” or “Stuff We Like” forum has been approved. See current News and Reader Mail if you missed it.

For those not part of the original poll in the Off Topic forum, a pass around forum is where we take a training gadget, book or video, and pass it around to a handful of T-Nation citizens for free reviewing. They will then post their reviews on the “Pass Around Forum” for all to see.

One issue that came up in the poll thread was shipping costs. T-Nation and Biotest will take care of it, no worries. You can thank Tim Patterson for that.

Nor sure when we’re going to get started on this though. I’m awaiting some really cool changes coming to the forum and the mag before we launch the pass around category. I’m getting permission from equipment makers now to use their training tools.

That’s great!

Love the idea and think it’ll make a great addition to the site

Cool, I look forward to it.

Sounds Great

Thanks Tim, for going above and beyond with the shipping. There were many willing to go ahead with this and pay for the shipping, but you guys stepped up.

Should be interesting reviews.

Leave it to you guys to handle things above what was expected.

I was discussing Tim Patterson with my ART doc today…all good by the way.

(my attempt at kissing up)

Now, there’s an idea. . . why doesn’t t-mag pay to ship Thomas Deeble around to everyone so he can ART away all our injuries. At least that’s what I’d use him for, Some fo the ladies might have other ideas. . .


Count me it!!

You guys rock!


Great news!!! I am in.

Great stuff Chris let me know if there’s anything I can do to help this process. I do work at a corporate fitness center and maybe we can do something.


Would the UK be included? If so count me in!

ditto on that. once again the t-mag guys have out done themselves with hooking everyone up! count me in on this

don’t forget to include Canada in the pass around forum if it’s not too much to send it over the border.

Just got word from the Power Rings people ( They said they’d be glad to have T-Nation readers test their product.

See, I told you guys that manufacturers confident in their products would jump on this idea!

Great idea and I totally agree that companies with good products will jump on this!

Even free trials of the power rings? o_O
Toys… toys… toys… drools

Biotest = Best Company Ever!

Sweet, count me in!!!11

Shugsy…Geographically speaking just about anything moving through Canada is going to pass through Winnipeg, Manitoba so it may as well stop off at the 'Cake household for a week or two. I promise that my feedback will be serious and productive and contain no references to Timmy P, Latex, Asian Transsexuals (Pre-Op only) and Kia-sized barrels of lard.

Unless you like that sort of thing…

Current potential 'Peg testers are:



Prisoner #22

Caber McJock



Geez, the five of us could trade off items and have an excuse to heave a few beers…

Count me in.

(Thanks Biotest!)

“Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving”

~ David Ogilvy

is that those penis rings that you put on the base of your shaft?

if so im really in now!

I’m In!