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Pass Around Forum: Exciting News!

i can’t wait for the goodies to come out. it’s christmas all year round.


Sort of a “Stuff We Like” column by the readers. Fucking sweet. Hope to participate. This is one generous offer. Shugs, either 1. you’re one convincing bastard. 2. you do excellent work under the table…er…desk. Or 3. Timmy P. is eating hypermaintenance this week and the carb-loading has him feeling somewhat euphoric. Either way, great idea and great company for sponsoring something like this.

Maybe there could be some kind of point system, in that you “spend points” to get something. The bigger the item the bigger the point cost. Well written, informative reviews receive points in return, and everyone starts out with the same number of points. This will allow for even distribution of items. There could even be extra points for strengh coaches/PT’s who use the physical itmes with their clients (= more input).

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, this is a pretty sweet deal, thanks guys!


You need to slow down on these updates. This is getting to good to be true. Now we get to keep the stuff.

Great work guys.


Wow. Count me in. This may be the single greatest idea T-Mag has ever come up with.

Holy crap! This is going to rock.

Stuff the “Nation” Likes…

Not only is it making me giggle with excitement, the benefit of the testing results will be huge.

Thank god for anonymity on the internet because it blocks you all from seeing the stain from jizzing on my pants this news is so cool and exciting. Best traning site on the net bar none.

P.S. The word jiz will not be in any reviews if I am lucky enough to have the opportunty to write one. :slight_smile:

I’m In! - Fred

Just came back from a business trip to Cleveland and this is the first post that popped up. It’s gonna be a good day!

I get first dibs on the vibrating, electric geriatric bed or the supercharged electric scooter with the built in low pulley pull from The Scooter Store.

in the immortal words of ric flair…WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

i’m still in by the way, even if you guys wanna cheapen it by giving us free stuff. heh heh. just kiddin’. we love you guys!!!

Wow…sounds great!! Let me in!!!

Count me in please!!!

Some questions though, how will the reviews be posted? As a separate forum or as its own page/index?


Sign me up!!! I would like to be the first to try T-mag’s favorite Real Dolls. Seriously, Shug, you rule. I would love to try anything and everything you can send me. (especially the real dolls)


Count me in on this groundbreaker!
Another reason T-mag continues to stay at the top of the industry. Great ideas applied.

Sounds like a great idea! Also, kudos to you for not forgetting your international readers :slight_smile:

Sounds so good that after 2 years of browsing-- yet not bothering to register–, i had to finally give in and sign up.

If Sandman is getting a real doll then Im ECSTATIC that we get to keep the booty (pun intended). Don’t want to pass a “review” like that around.

I have a suggestion for a product to recruit…some sort of posture helpers. I am the typical neanderthal and am constantly reminding myself “Cmon now, Thump. Shoulders back and down.” I just had a brilliant idea, but I am not going to share it lest you chumps steal my patent before I can act on it.

If that falls through, how about free sessions at a swedish massage parlor. BETTER YET!!! Free sessions with an ART specialist. I would turn down Helga the busty magic hands lady to get these shoulders looked at for sure.

Great idea.

I would like to test the following:

(A) The new $100 bills as soon as they are printed.
(2) A Real Doll.
(D) The 2005 Mustang

Oh yeah, I’ll take one of those squat racks.

Do we call you Shugart Daddy now?

Shugart daddy? Funny.