Pass Around Forum: Exciting News!

Another update on the “pass around forum.” First, we can’t call it that. Why? Because you won’t be passing around the training gear, books and vids. Instead, you’ll get to KEEP what you test!

No, really. 100% Free.

We decided to call this area of the forum “T-Jack Reports”. Why? Because we can.

Here’s how it’ll work. We get some training gear, books and vids. Let’s use the BOA jump rope as an example. 1) We send five or ten of these out to T-Nation readers. 2) You give it a real workover. 3) You come back to the forum and let us know, in detail, in an intelligent manner, what you think of the product. 4) You educate and help thousands of people. 5) You keep the gear.

With smaller, cheaper items, we’ll mail out dozens of them. With big stuff, say, a new squat rack, we’ll send out only a few. Either way you keep what you test: kettlebells, books, dipping belts, pull-up bars, videos, clubbells, grip devices, supplements, weight vests, cardio equipment, etc. You test it, you review it, you keep it.

The T-Jack Forum and T-Nation: Together we’ll define the entire industry.

PS: You lurkers better sign up ASAP as forum members if you want to be part of this and get T-Jacked!

Chris where do we sign up?

Also you mentioned squat rack. What if someone doesn’t have enough room for something like that? Would there be a way to notify us in advance if you’ll be sending us one of the “big” products so you won’t be wasting $$$ on shipping?

I just peed my pants.

Best. Site. Ever!

Oh man, I really would love to get an opportunity to do this.

PGA - When the T-Jack Forum launches, I’ll probably just get on there and say, “Hey, I have 20 of these new Dynamax medicine balls. Who wants to review one?” Then you’ll reply to the thread or maybe PM or e-mail a T-Nation staffer to sign up.

So if you don’t want a certain product or don’t have room for it, just don’t sign up for it. Simple.

The details are still being worked out, but it’ll work something like that.

Davo2 - Sorry about the pants.

Absolutely perfect way to do it. If you want it ,sign up. If not or you don’t have the room, then don’t.

Looking forward to it and I can not wait to test out some of the new goodies.

I haven’t responded to the previous thread, but I’ll do that here: count both Ko and I in.

Awesome. Can’t wait!

that is truly fucking sweet.

davo2-you peed in my pants too

Count me in CS.

Holy crap, that is awesome.

You guys blow me away.

Can’t wait to participate.

This is just a tiny bit…


Please consider me perpetually applied for:

~ Heavy things

~ Electronic things

~ Inflatable things (seeing as I don’t have to worry about Timmy P gooing 'em all up first…)


Freakin’ Wow.

“The closest to perfection a person ever comes is when he fills out a job application form”

~ Stanley J. Randall

I’m in but I’m going to have to get a physical u.s. address and then have it forward to me.

Damn it, I just stepped in something, Davo2, was that from you?

Count me in on everything but TC’s used blowup dolls.

Any chance for non U.S. people?

I think I just peed davos pants too…can’t wait.

this is the coolest thing i have ever heard.

as far as the selection process goes, will it be first come first serve? or will we go by seniority? or what?

i vote for seniority.

I am new to this site but would still love the chance to participate!

Non-US people: Yes, we’ll try to get everyone involved.

Who gets the goods? Smart people who will write intelligent, complete reviews. I’m holding the reviewers to a very high standard. A review is not “I liked it” or “It sucked.” Screw up and you don’t get to be a T-Jack any more.

If you can write a fair, well-done, complete review, you can test a product - and keep it of course! I hope to get as many people as we can involved, so everyone who wants to play will get a chance. Those who do a great job will be given more goodies to review.

As for the details, I’m not sure exactly how I’ll pick the reviewers, but if you can do what I asked above, you’ll get a shot at it!