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Pascal - Hopkins


Anyone else kinda hope Hopkins brings us a long night of fouls, clinching and complaining to the ref en route to a stink split decision victory?


I love BHop. I hope he wins.


Echo'd. BHop is the man


whenever Bhop fights, there is a high potential of this happening.

he has a ugly but effective style, probably a future hall of fame-er, but I don't like watching his fights.


Dude, watch this. He's the real baddest man in the planet. Plus he's the dirtiest fighter in the game and I love that.


Pascal came out like such a Bitch in this. B Hop whooped dat ass.


I might have cared about this fight, were Bhop 30 and not 45 years old. He's past his prime, even for a dirty crybaby.


The fight ended in a decision but Hopkins clearly won the fight, he clearly won despite the two knockdowns. Quite impressive for a fighter his age.


Popkins is a legend. Nice to see him proving the critics, and the fans, and me, wrong for the thousanth time.

I'd hate to be in whatever retirement home they send him to...

EDIT: And from what I've heard, it was a great fight to boot.


Yea I didn't see it but my buddy was keeping me updated via text. He knows boxing and said that BHop fought his way back after the two knockdowns and he thought he won.

I saw some highlights today, that first knockdown was clearly a shot to the back of the head. Shouldn't have been called.

BHop is a legend to be getting in that ring at his age and not only fighting, but defeating the best talent out there. I can't wait to see this whole fight.


Even with both knockdowns I'd it 114-112 Hopkins and it could have easily been 115-111.


Yep, not much of a fan of Hopkins anymore, but Hopkins won 9 rds of that fight.

Rd 3 is the only rd that Pascal won decisively in the whole fight.

Even in rd 1 with the knockdown, and the knockdown in rd 4 that was ruled a slip, Hopkins was winning those rds until the end when he was knocked down.

Pascal has very poor technique and lacks fundamentals, and relies on athleticism and speed to compensate.
He's a poor man's Roy Jones.