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pasak bumi for t-increases

Pasak Bumi is supposed to increase levels of T and promote better intimate relations for those in need. Studies have indicated 400% increases in T in mice and rats. I interested in the opinions of the T-MAG people concerning pasak bumi. A dosage of about 5 grams per day is recommended for bodybuilding purposes and the cost is very modest. My intention is to use it in cycles with TRIBEX (which I am not sure about yet after 4 weeks) and sometimes in synergy with same. I’m currently taking M with TRIBEX on weekdays and just DIM on weekends. I am hoping for an extra effect from my proposed use of pasak and hoping that since the studies were only done on rodents, that I don’t end up having a compulsion to sniff the bums of the field mice and moles in my yard.

Interesting reading! I’d like to give this herb a try as well. It appears that it promotes “T” which is my main interest. From what I’ve read it increases libido more than ginseng but not as much as yohimbe.

One study should be mentioned, haha…
Male rats spent more time grooming their genitals. My gym has alot of mirrors, but likely a low tolerance for public displays of cleanliness.