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Partying/Social Life


How do you guys treat bodybuilding and partying/social life. I seem to go through phases where I shuffle between the two. If im out on weekends living it up every weekend, my bodybuilding progress stalls. If im progressing with bodybuilding my social life stalls, because im usually sleeping by 12am on weekends.

I need to workout, I need the feeling of being big and progressing it makes me feel like a better person. Makes me confident gives me a better "aura" we'll say. But just doing that, and not going out on weekends, its no way to live. Its boring.

Going out on the weekends, especially after a good workout, feels great. Feeling good, being bigger and better looking than most other dudes in the club/bar/nightclub. Feels good. When you see a bunch of drunken fat idiots or scrawny college students that look 17, you feel good about yourself. I mean im 19, and most of the girls I end up talking to are 25+ and think im there age.

I dont know how people can do both, and do both well. This was the third weekend in a row ive gone out, till about 5am. Only drank one beer that whole night and ate well. And already ive had to take 3 days off from training. Because my lifts stalled and Ive been achey and dead ever since.

I dont know how the guys of Jersey Shore (lawl) or even that zyzz guy do it. How do you guys handle doing both? I mean im not drinking much, not taking drugs, only staying out late and already im burnt out. I understand you dont have to stay out till 4am, but when your buddies dont get to downtown till 11-midnight your gonna miss out if you leave earlier.


Normally I drink too much and then swear off drinking the next morning.

I do this every weekend.


Bud, when I was your age, I was drinking on Friday and Saturday nights, while doing working with a brick/block contractor and working 6-7 days a week. I still made it to the gym.

If you want it, you'll find a way to get it.


Not sure he said he couldn't make it to the gym, think it was more like he just has no energy after staying out late and isn't resting enough? Maybe you should sleep for ages the following day.


As far as cool stories go, that was one cool story, bro. Priorities, I never really understood the appeal of staying out late hours, getting drunk, and chatting up drunk floozies but since that's the popular thing to do, I get that you want to take part in it.

It's pretty clear having a good time is the more important interest for you at this point. Your "need" to feel big is also pretty lulzy, just rock a smaller t-shirt and your harem of ladies older than 25 will be all over you!


story of my life.


drink water when you go out


I go to sleep at 5am every day


Actually, I have a friend who has set his circadian rhythm so that he sleeps everyday from 6am-2pm. So he's basically nocturnal, and just schedules his classes for after 2. Goes to class, goes to work, then hits the gym at like 2am. And he's got one of the best builds of anyone I know.


That's me except I have to get up at 11 or earlier

I still sleep better if I manage 12-8am though


Don't go to every party. Make it a once or twice a month thing.

Bring a bottle with you...a bottle of barcardi or some bs like that and have a few shots..then pour some down some random peoples throats as you cruise the party

Do that until your bottle is empty and jet a lil bit after that

That will let you have the social experience you want while not staying out late...you'll be buzzed but not drunk to the point where time loses meaning


first of all, the jersey shore guys and zyzz are on steroids, hgh, and pro-hormones/test boosters, period. if you took them youd have no problem as well.

second, no offense, but are you sure youre 19? sounds like you probably need to eat more, im not saying eat shit, but whatever your diet is, step it up, at your age sleep isnt the issue, youre just not giving yourself enough fuel.

third, being big should be an addition to your personality, not the foundation.

for myself, im gonna sound like a prick, but ive only been hungover twice in my life, i have a very weak alcohol tolerance, but for some reason my body motabilizes it very quickly and when i wake up im just a little tired and thirsty. dont get me wrong i drink a lot when i go out, but its beer and maybe 2 or 3 shots.

so maybe just drink beer when you go out, and despite what people may think its not worse for your diet than liquor, your body will motabilize the alcohol before any calories but if youre drinking more alcohol per volume then it will take even longer before it starts burning calories.


"This was the third weekend in a row ive gone out, till about 5am. Only drank one beer that whole night and ate well. And already ive had to take 3 days off from training. Because my lifts stalled and Ive been achey and dead ever since."

All of this from staying out late on weekends? Wow.


Its all about know how to make an entrance, impact, and exit to a party.

Knowing how to do these things will make a couple hours seem like an entire night.


Water between every few drinks.

If you're a pussy.

Just kidding.

Water between drinks. Smart.

Haha, when I was a freshman, first semester at that, I went to a party and hit on a 25 year old grad student. We made out and she gave me a blowjob in my truck that night. I called her a few nights later and took her out. She wanted to go back to my place and when we headed back to campus she was like:

"What are you doing?"

"Heading back to the dorm."

"OMG, you are a freshmen!?!?"


"Take me home!"

It's like freshmen have cooties. Swallowing my cum hadn't seemed to bother her though. Weird.

God I miss the college circus.


i had a friend that would smoke weed everyday, but would never drink or go out, he would just pick up girls from the gym, grocery store, work, or wherever, still pulled a lot of ass, but i love drinking and goofing around with my friends.


Pot heads are hilarious.

I mean I smoked plenty in my day but I had a buddy who grew a plant in his dorm closet. When he moved off campus he kept it, not sure how he snuck it out. It was fucking tall.

All he did was smoke pot and play guitar in a band. That's it. Class, pot, band practice and an occassional gig.

Had the hottest pieces of ass hanging on his nuts all the time. Tall, skinny, typical grass roots Austin, TX musician looking dude.

SMOKING hot bitches. Always. He could like trade them off in the hall and they would see each other still come back.

Probably had a cock like a babies arm holding an apple.


Thats kind of the phases I go through. I remember I was partying every weekend, was seeing a girl, job and school. Getting 6 hrs of sleep a night and hitting the gym 4-5times a week. The result was i was getting leaner and leaner. It was painful to workout but I pushed through. At the end of it. I was overtrained, couldnt get hard, and had to take 1 week off with a caloric surplus to get back to normal


hmmm now that you mention it, my maths a little rusty, fuck, im actually 48 yrs old. did you think i was younger or older? I dont follow? And btw im 220lbs at 5'10 and fairly lean atm. Not to sound "hard" but i dont get drunk anymore at all. Im fine with just a beer. Only very occasionally do I really want a buzz in that case ill drink some shots of whiskey. I remember drinking a whole 8 shot flask of whiskey and was just buzzed. So getting shit faced is just dumb to me. Like you though I dont seem to get hung over even when I did get pretty drunk. Think all the calories i eat soaks it up


This was the third weekend in a row it caught up. And yeah your telling me. I gain get strong and gain muscle better than most, but my recovery abilities are absolute garbage. Granted I think I also caught a little stomach bug.