Party of Racists & Anti-Semites

[quote]ChuckyT wrote:

That point was that Allen used a gibberish word to describe a guy whose name he forgot (a.k.a. “…Mr. Macaca or whatever his name is over there…”). It turns out that that gibberish word was an arcane racial slur in some other country referring to some other ethnicity than Indian. Do you suppose that this is something that George Allen would be likely to hear in Richmond?

His mother is a french tunisian immigrant. Well there goes your arguement.

Headhunter your posts ignore common sense and proven facts so much that I have trouble believing you are serious. The fact that you teach impressionable young children frightens the hell out of me.


All politicians are sneeze balls. We all know that.

Thh sleezeballness of the republicans is 98%, and for democrats it’s only 97.9%. Thats why I will vote democrat, for that .1 percent.

FYI: Hilary is a bitch. Most democrats know that.

[quote]paul bunyan wrote:
Headhunter your posts ignore common sense and proven facts so much that I have trouble believing you are serious. The fact that you teach impressionable young children frightens the hell out of me. [/quote]

Did you read the quotes in the link? Those are facts. My argument with Pookie was that: (A) he refused to denounce those quotes (B)I showed him where I’d criticized Republicans, and he refused to admit his error.

He is very arrogant and simply can’t admit when he is wrong (which I have done several times in the past). This makes him fit the description I wrote about.

And just because someone thinks and is a rational egoist is not cause for you to be ‘frightened’, even though your exposure to thinking individuals is very limited.


[quote]pookie wrote:
Headhunter wrote:
You asked me to show where I criticized a Republican, I did, and now your doing your Lance A. thing. This leads us to…

No, I asked for a thread where you criticize republicans with the same zeal you showed in this one. You had to go back an entire year to find one post where you say Bush is a socialist after about 20 lines of explanation for why you’re about to claim he’s a socialist. You’re almost apologizing before the fact.

Funny, I see no such disclaimer in this thread.

What is a Pookie? According to Wikpedia, a Pookie is a small viscious but cowardly rodent that inhabits garbage dumps in and around Montreal. Known for its stink and rotten teeth, Pookies like to listen to Celine Dion cds while avoiding the giant boots of the Headhunter, who likes to give Pookies a kick out into the light of day, exposing their hypocrisy for all to see. When successful, the Headhunter (as befits his user name) displays his trophy for all to see.

Nice effort. It’s not very funny though. You should try and identify traits and mannerisms of the person you’re describing and then caricature them in some amusing manner. For example:

Headhunter: [i]A rare specie of yellow duck. Known for it’s loud, incessant quacking, it is also distinguished by a very small head, large feet, and the ability to run away faster than any other animal.

When it feels threatened, which is nearly all the time, the Headhunter duck will throw the youngs of others at the enemy to protect itself.

Finding one in nature can be a challenge, as they are generally hiding. Only their loud breathing noise gives them away. They favor handicapped parking spots to build their nests in.

Mating habits: It is not known how Headhunter ducks reproduce, as they are devoid of testicles and have only a vestigial penis. Moreover, the Headhunter duck appears to be only aroused by pictures of the Bush cabinet.[/i]

My work here is done. Another Pookie head is up on the shelf.


Good. Now you’ll have at least one useable head.

My description of you DID do all the things you described. You ARE a viscious little rodent, spewing cynicism and nihilism. You do live in Quebec and, I’d bet you have Celine Dion cds. Everything I said about you is spot on. Why the complaints? You can’t even come up with something original to attack me with — copying from me. That’s my definition of an assclown.

You’re also a coward. Brave Canadians are fighting in Afghanistan. What’s your contribution? Attacking those who WANT to fight? Go ahead, burn one down, play the male slut, have a meaningless life and meaningless job. Keep spewing the internet hate. If that’s all of which you’re capable, go for it. But STFU with the hate directed at me…you’re becoming boring.