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Party Ideas


Hey everyone, I am having a party next week and was wondering any kind of different or cool ideas you might have in regards to food or drink, entertainment, magic tricks would be cool if they arent too hard to do, any cool ideas to make the party I am having is welcomed. You are also invited if you are in the MTL area LOL.


Strippers are always cool.

Make sure you take off your hat at the door though. It's disrespectful to the ladies.


Beer, pot, and sluts always construes some action packed fun for the whole family!




Always use the Golden Ratio...Invite 3-1 girls to guys.


DUDDEEEEE, That shit is nasty, clean ideas, as in my girl is gon be there too, so unfortunately strippers is out of the question, though a great fuckin suggestion.


Well, many years ago we had a "Wellorama" which featured the Nancy Regan memorial mammogram apparatus. This was comprised of a large carboard box with a curtained window and a Polaroid camara. You would place whatever body parts you wanted photographed in the curtained area of the box and push the button, and ta..daaa...you would get your on personal polaroid documenting the event.

Now what folks DIDN'T know was that we also had a 35mm camera hooked up to the button also, that way we got copies of all the photos. We found photographs involving things like female breasts, auto parts, male genitalia and gardening implements all used together to form a photographic expression.

We laughed for days.

Yes, there was alcohol involved. Lots and lots of alcohol.


Yes alcohol will be there... I have to deal with alot of French people, which no offense I am fluent but when you are primarily english it goes over my head... lol no offense to anyone who is french, my gf is french so i joke with her all the time.


When I read the OP I knew this response would be quick to follow.

I suggest something different - you should all play scrabble and eat smores.


yeahyeahhhhhhhhhh party in mtl,, whereeee


Fucking awesome!


a sweet theme some of my college friends did was CEO's and executive ho's, it made for a good time :wink:


Golf pro's and tennis ho's...
Bro's and ho's....

It gets repetive after a while.


Last night we did a "Decades" party. Dress like peole did from a certain decade. It was funny as hell. Just make sure you pick a theme that allows women to get drunk and wear as little clothes as possible. That is, if you are looking for that kind of party.



Pick a Theme:
principles and naughty whorish school girls

jungle (tarzan and jane)

80s (rock or miami vice... shit like that)


90s (whatever the hell that was)

cross dressing


movie themes (pick a fucking movie or genre, everyone shows up as a character)

swimsuit (make sure you have some sort of water games to soak all the wusses that don't sport swimsuits)

jocks and cheerleaders

Suits and Strippers

combine any of those with a drinking gimmick:

power hour/century club

Ice Luge

Tour deFranzia

and add a specialty drink:

jungle juice


jager bombs

just think of something, go with it!

Combine something from each category, like an 80's party with an ice luge and jager bombs.

Jungle party with power hour (featuring the song Welcome to the Jungle by GnR) and do jungle juice (super easy)

This is a winning formula; theme+gimmick+drink

Also, invite at least double the girls as dudes. Every guy you invite will show up.

Fliers. Give the girls a flier that sports the theme+gimmick+drink. This way they can't fucking forget.

don't waste fliers on guys, they'll show up from just hearing the words "party" or "free booze"


(note that I left music out, because it's dependent on the party situation and should be chosen accordingly)

let us know how awesome it goes (or doesn't).


dude keep it simple, all you need are:

1) deep house music for that chill vibe
2) martinis
3) cigars
4) dress code, dont have people over looking like slobs, make em have nice shoes on and everything
5) even though you have a gf, have plenty of women for the other guys.


That's usually all you need for times that you will laugh about for a long time.


Is anyone besides me confused by these suggestions? I think the Hugh Hefner swinging bachelor concept is now the exclusive property of Hefner and gay fetish. And adding house music to the mix makes it even more puzzling.


Yeah, I read that and went "O. K."


I just have one suggestion besides the obvious, girls for the guys!

Put your drinks in the washing machine with ice filled to the brim, that way, you dont have to hassle with draining coolers in the morning.

Unplug it first! you dont want some prankster turning that thing on!!