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Party Eating

ok heres a question im sure all of you have gone through at one point. usually, when i go to a party, ill try to eat right before i go, and then toss a grow bar in my pocket for my next meal. however, do you guys have any suggestions of meals (real food, not MRPs) that fit in the pocket, rather than the little artic zone cooler in my car? im looking for things that i wont have to explain why im eating.

So you’re actually ashamed of the fact that you eat healthy? Fuck what other people think! You’re a T-man for God’s sake!

Beef jerky NEVER needs explaining! In fact, you might want to keep some extra in your car because people won’t stop hitting you up for a sample. Usually every time I stop at a gas station, I’ll buy a bag because it’s almost always available right next to the cash register… which is probably where you’ll find yourself if you’re tagging along with your buddies on a beer run!

how does beef jerky fit into a cutting diet? Never tired it myself was wondering how others have found it.

Beer jerky fits perfectly into a cutting diet! At least for me, I know of plenty others who can’t handle the high sodium content. I think that if your carb intake is as low as mine, then you should be fine. Like I’ve said before, I don’t sweat the small stuff.

I agree with Chris. Jerky is a great snack for me - especially here on the University campus. It’s readily available in the student market, so I usually grab a couple of $1.99 packs. Great snack for road trips, too.

yea…i hate the explaining too. I usually pocket a grow bar, fishoil tablets, or i bring protien powder and a cup.

i maybe wrong but is beef-jerky high in salt? Is this not bad for a cutting diet? My problem is the beef jerky i see in the store never has any nutrition info on it therefore i ma not sure how much fat and carbs are in it when calculating my diet.

string cheese is good too

“Fuck what other people think! You’re a T-man for God’s sake!”

Uh... maybe he's not a 'T-man.'

Maybe he’s just a person who reads this site… like me.


I second beef jerky for a party-going snack. I usually toss in almonds as well.

Another suggestion (depending on your diet schedule) is some mixed nuts in a bag. Just make sure you schedule your P+F meal for around the time that you’ll be out.

Bring in canned tuna, salmon, already cooked chicken. Bring in cottage cheese. Put it out on their party plates. Eat your meal. When they ask what the fuck your doing tell them that’s why you look the way you do and that’s why they’re all drunken fat slobs about to drop over from eating shit their whole lives. Nick

can anyone share the beef jerky nutrition info. Protein, carbs, fat

fellas, calm down. i am a t-man. and no, obviously i dont care what other people think. i eat buffalo and green beans in the student center at 9am, so im used to it. its just kind of a hassle when im having a good time at a party, say, flirting with a girl, and gotta run out to my car and eat, and ruin my whole game. or, if im at a place where im going to be there for a long time and i cant bring a meal along besides a grow bar, i just want something to store in my coat pocket. thats all.

Is that the problem? Heck, that’s easy. Just whip up something that’s REALLY good, make a little more than you need, then invite the girl out to your car for a little gourmet dining. Be nice if you’d fix up some real cloth napkins and some silverware as well.

Sounds to me like you’re missing a chance, bud… :slight_smile:

isn’t it funny that if you are not huge and ripped people look at you like a freak when you pull out cottage cheese or tuna.
But as soon as you are obviously working out suddenly everyone wants to hear everything you know about nutrition. Suddenly you ain’t such a freak.

Dude, that is the greatest idea!!! You’ve got me rolling!!! I think JC#10 should take your words to heart… this reminds me of something straight out of “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off”!

Off the top of my head, here in Canada, an 80 gram package of plain beef jerky has around 50 or 60 grams of protein, 3 or 4 grams of carbs and only around 3 grams of fat. Even a sweetened style like teryaki still only has around 10 grams of carbs. Don’t have a package in front of me but I know from experience that those numbers are very close.

I was looking at some beef jerkey packages the other day and felt like they all had way too many carbs for T-Dawg or other low carb style dieting.