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Party, Biz, Box


This is a total rip off from Gregrons thread, sorry dude. I like the gist plus that one went crazy.

Gregrons Thread:


In this one, you may pick one person for each topic. Don't worry about e-cliques, butt hurt won't last long.

Who would you

  1. Party with

  2. Run a business with

  3. Kick in the nuts

I would party with PushHarder (pretty fucking obvious), run a business with BG (If I wanted to go dirty I feel like I could, would be beneficial), kick that dude whining about a failing relationship in SAMA in the nuts.


I would forgo partying and running a business for the sheer pleasure of kicking theBird in the nuts for fucking signing off each post with "tweet tweet".


Yea that would be my choice for a nut stomping as well...

I'd party with all you mofos and run a business with CountingBeans since I am terrible with money


  1. Nards or Gregron
  2. BG or Push
  3. HH or Clip11


You're going to have to be more specific


I was going to pick you for party with!

OK....you hang up first.

No, I didn't hang up, I wanted to see if you hung up.

OK, now really, you hang up first.

I'm still here! OK, OK, let;s both hang up ...3, 2, 1


^lol kayyy you two need to get a room


You are in our room.


Is there something I should know? I mean, you have your life and stuff, but...



It's my husband from the other thread!


ID just going to copy yours. But I would add Beans for one or two, You and Dixie for one also.


Damn! I definitely would add you, DJ! For #1.

Oh, and Edgy!!

Why does it have to be one choice?



Yea #1 needs to be group, but I plan to party with Ed in real life hopefully within a year. Business deal :slight_smile:


T Nation simply is the kind of place that attracts a lot of cool people. I mean that. So yeah, we'd need to rent a huge hall if we wanted to have a proper meeting.


Ok ok, everyone can party. Of course. It just makes sense.

Whose party would you most likely be found at.


Everyone else's


That would mean:

Single party

Married Party


< - - - - - Feeling the Luv! - - - - - - - !



It's a trap?

Yeah, but at least we know it going in.