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partner workout

OK, a few months back, I requested some feedback on my training program. Someone suggested EDT and I’ve been lovin’ it.

Recently, my wife decided she wanted to workout with me so that we could spend more “quality” time together.

EDT isn’t really structured to work with a partner if you train at my pace. I guess I could add a little more weight, but I’ve got more endurance than I got strength, so I have a tendency to rest VERY little.

Any suggestions that might work for me? I need to think about a program that will be successful for both of us. As a personal trainer, I have a tendency to “think” things to death, so I look to the real world (you folks) for suggestions.

For those of you whom have had partners that had a significant strength curve, what program or adjustments have worked for you?


I have a workout partner, but we don’t always follow the same plan or routine. We meet at the gym when its time to get to work and we’re there for spotting and motivation. I don’t think thats what you were looking for exactly but thats just my two cents.