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Particular Strength


Im just seeing what everybody thinks on this, but when most people list there lift stats they are always strong on the pushing side, but really weak on the pullling side. for instance most people bench 225 and up, but barely can row that much.

but, im the opposite way around, i can bench about 235 for 2 good reps, but i can row 365, dumbell rows with my homemade 200 lbs dumbell and dead lift 450. is there anyone else like me, or are most people pushing dominant


What i noticed was how quickly my weight in bentover rows went up in comparison with benching. You could say its from being a newbie when it comes to the rows but i only have around a 5lb difference between the two now.

If you were truley balanced you should surely have the same numbers. I think benching becomes more dominant for most as its always the first thing someone starts doing when they join the gym. Therefore im guessing its just the fact that its been trained for a longer time than rows.


Sigh... just because two lifts use opposing movements doesn't mean that somehow the numbers should be the same. You have to take into account range of motion and different leverages for the exercise. Balance does not mean identical numbers.