Partials for Bench?

Couldn’t think of a decent name for this. When I bench, it’s obvious my triceps are my strongest point, and my chest and shoulders weaker. I do a shit ton of heavy work my my tri’s, but aside from actual benching (partials included) what all can I do to work mainly my chest and shoulders heavy, without the use of my tri’s? Thanks.

Use dumbells.

try illegal wides, wide grip to neck on smith machine, military press

If you bench with a wider-than-usual grip that puts more stress on the chest and shoulders. But it still uses the triceps to some degree.

Now that you mention it i don’t ever work the chest and shoulders without the use of triceps. only way i can see is to do non-pressing movements.

[quote]dpower wrote:
try illegal wides, wide grip to neck on smith machine, military press[/quote]

I’ve tried that before, but I’ve got some shoulder problems, so I try not to flare my elbows much and put that stress on my shoulders.

A Fly works your chest and shoulders and not your triceps.

Why not just keep benching to your chest and let your chest, shoulders and triceps get stronger?? Try paused reps too.

You have to focus on contracting the pec against the resistance.

Flex your pecs in the mirror. Then put your arms parallel to the ground and add the movement of arm adduction to the pec contraction. Try to get this feeling when working with DB.

Start very light and focus on the contraction, focus on moving the weight from the shoulder joint and use the triceps/elbow only to stabilize.

Perform Double contractions.
Using bench press as an example:
Bring the bar down to your chest, bring it halfway back up, bring it back down to your chest, and bring it all the way up. That’s one rep.

Dumbbells, sinking them in deep.

Hammer strength bench, again sinking it deep.

Incline smith bench.