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Partially Hydrogenated Soy in Hamburger Seasoning

allright, i was looking at the ingrediants in the seasoning stuff i use on ground beef and steak and saw that one of the bottom ingrediants was partially hydrogenated soy. i know that hydrogenated fats should be avoided at all costs, but is it really that bad in that small of a quantity? i know the soy won’t make a difference in that small of amount, but wasn’t sure about the hydrogenated part. when i season stuff i use probably less than a gram total of the seasoning. i make beef pretty much every day though and sometimes more than once a day. so should i toss this stuff in the trash or is it not that big of a deal?

I had this same problem when using Mccormick brand spices. Im assuming your using the same. The best solution, and the cheapest, is buy all the ingriedients on the label in bulk, (besides the hydro oil and preservetives, which you dont need) and mix them in an old spice container. Not only do you get the best and freshest spice blend, but you get to say FUCK YOU to corporate America and their bullshit scams like those bottled spices. YEAHHH

As a bottom ingredient and also because you are not using a whole lot of this stuff, it is going to be a minimal addition to your diet. I would not worry about it.

Its such a small amount that it won’t be a big deal. I myself prefer to make my own spice blends. D ourself a favor and start an herb and spice collection. The easiest way is to go out and by one of those prefilled spice racks, I’ve sen them for about 20 bucks. The quality is not the best, but its no worse than what they put in the bottled blends.

I would say it’s probably not that big of a deal. If you get in the habit of reading labels on seasonings, sauces, etc. nearly 100% of them contain something like soy, hydrogenated this or that etc. so in order to give it up completely youd pretty much have to give up putting anything besides basic seasonings (salt, pepper) on your food.