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Partial Torn Rotator Cuff PRP


32 year old male
I have a partially torn rotator cuff, along with some additional wear and tear issues.
After three orthopedic surgeons (two of which are definitely top of their field) all told me SURGERY!
I have a career and two little kids none who have time for a lengthy rehab.

By chance I came across PRP/Prolotherapy
About two weeks after my first treatment (Dec 9th 2014) my all day pain was gone.
I was not 100% but much more comfortable

After another two weeks my ROM increased I regain some strength. I just received my second treatment (1-9-2015) although painful I am hopeful for the outcome.
I read forums about insane cost for this procedure. My first was $1200, and $900 each additional. More than worth it to me. No down time, no harsh recovery, no surgery, minimal pain for about a week after.
Not selling anything, but I had a hard time finding advice from treated people.
I was very skeptical but had amazing results after the first treatment.
Just my personal experience.


Caring Medical
Oak Park, IL
Fort Myers, Fl


Interesting, I’ve had PRP intra articular on another joint and did v. Little. Can you give details of what you had done, volume, injection location, number of shots each time, was it ultrasound guided, whether any special ingredients were added, etc.
What degree of tear was it?
Nice to hear it sorted you


The clinic I went to does PRP with Prolotherapy.
For the PRP they drew 60cc’s of blood. I do not know the yield of good platelets. She usually does to injections. The first was ultrasound guided the second was not.
Prolotherapy is 6 tubes ?cc with shots covering entire shoulder. This is a cocktail of glucose (sugar water), botanicals, HGH, not sure of the rest. Ideally will cause inflammation and bring blood to the area to expedite healing.
I do not know the degree of my tear sorry.
I will try to reload my video. I will also update after this treatment heals up a bit. Still pretty soar.


Great job that it worked…it’s also interesting about the hgh, seems to really positively affect recovery when combined with PRP. Was it a one off shot?


How is your shoulder now?
I have a strained AC joint and mini partial tear Supraspinatus and considering doing this too, I don’t want a surgery…


@Greenvan I have had three treatments so far I believe all three have included a low dose of HGH.

@Akaplsaka My work was not really cool with me taking time off. I also heard to many bad stories about surgery. To be fair though I have heard success stories too. It all depends on your body, your surgeon, and your rehab.
So many factors you cannot control. Figured definitely would rather try this first. I will update this as i go forward.