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Partial Return from Injury/Surgery


Hi everyone, just need some powerlifiting training advice.

Earlier this year I strained my quads/IT band during squats. Just as I was getting back to form I had to go for a long awaited rotator cuff surgery.

Anyway, I back in the gym now but can only do leg work, as the shoulder is not up to strength or full ROM yet. I want to start progressing my squat but I’m not sure of the best way to organise a training routine based mainly around legs.

Should I just train as normal, build back upto 5x5 heavy squats with some supplementary leg work afterwards for each session with rest day between? Or, should I have a heavy day, rest day then say light work such as HIIT exercise bike stuff or light high rep machine work?

Thanks in advance for any advice and ideas.



How many days per week are you looking to train, and what type of equipment do you have access to? (are you training at a ‘powerlifting gym’, standard commercial gym, in your garage, etc.)

Also - are you able to deadlift, or does that bother your shoulder?


Hi Shakes, thanks for replying. I use a commercial gym 3 -4 times a week. It has squat racks and a deadlift platformwith olympic bars and weights.

I’ve not tried any deadlift work yet but don’t think it’ll be a problem. However, I’m going to clear it with my surgeon next week first.