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Partial reps

If using partial reps to improve one’s 1RM what range of motion should they be?

I would be using a power rack to try and increase my dead lift and bench press 1RM.

Should the pins be set so it is a 1/4 rep, 1/3 rep or 1/2 rep?

I only want to use one partial position in conjunction with full reps.

1/4 rep seems to be too small. What about 1/2 rep?

While I am no expert on this issue, all of the positions we be helpfull in their own way.

Your main focus though should be @ your sticking point. If you are having problems 4 inches off your chest, set the pins @ 4" off your chest.

Another benefit with the bench and pins is taking some of the load off of your shoulders, giving them a break from all the work they get.

Hope that helps, I am sure some of the ppl who are more experienced in this area will chime in and correct anything I screwed up or missed.


You got it right.

You should ude all ranges of motion from pin heights to boards. But you cant work at your sticking point all the time. Work on it for two weeks then change. Use 3-5 reps to practice getting through that point. You could also take a max a few inches below your max and then hit a higher volume at the sticking point. Only do things for a couple weeks then change then come back for a max a few weeks later. There are tons of other things you can do depending on what you have available. I dont know what level you are so just train smart. Good luck.

I cant believe I left this part out. Make sure you are doing enough quality assistance exercises for the tris, lats, and upper back. Doing this will help tremendously.

Personally find Board presses, floor presses are better than pin presses for training the bench. Pin presses (except for very small ROM 4-6") stress my shoulders and elbows too much.