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Partial Reps At End of Bench Set

Alright, so I’ve always been a piss poor bencher, but after a lot of research and advice from people who know what the F they’re talking about I’ve started to make gains. My sticking point has always been at the very bottom of the rep. I can’t recall ever failing on a single repetition if I can get it past 1.5" off my chest.

Now, for the last couple of months I’ve been trying something different for me. Say I’m flat benching 200 lbs., and can complete 5 full reps. At this point I can not complete another full rep. However I will bang out a few more, getting within about an inch of my chest. Doing this I can pound out several more repetitions. Once I become so tired that i can’t even complete another rep getting within an inch of my chest, I stop the set.

I FEEL like this has been helping my bench, however I have always been for all intents and purposes a triceps dominant bencher. Do you think this is going to exacerbate the problem eventually? Also do you think doing these partial reps is a good idea, or once I’m done with my complete reps should I just rack the weight and get ready for the next set? Your input is very appreciated.

A spotter would help. If no spotter, a power rack with safeties, so you can push yourself with full reps. If not that then strip a quick 50 LBS off the bar and rep out. If not that then rack the bar for 5 seconds, and bang out another 1 or 2 reps(rest/pause).

There’s many ways to challenge yourself.

Try bench variations, floor presses helped a sticking point of mine. If I were you I’d use the search function for some bench press articles. There are some great techniques/focal points that will help you improve your bench.

Tight back, squeezing and ripping apart the bar, pushing as fast as possible at all weights…all things you will learn their importance if you read. If you employ them, I bet your bench will improve. Mine has.