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Partial Deadlift

What exactly is a partial deadlift and what is the difference between a partial and full. Why would I use a partial over a full.

Im doing ABBH II by Chad Waterbury…it ask to do partials…

Put the bar on a rack and set it to the height somewhere in the range of your deadlift (depending on how much of the motion you want to perform) and do a deadlift.

There are a lot of reasons you may want to do this including as a variation of deadlift, to work out a sticking point (for powerlifters), or to get over a plateau.

I have an injured glute and I can only go down to where the bar is just at my knees. I feel it more in my back. Should I just skip it or is this still a worthwhile exercise? (A dead going only a bit down?)

a full DL would be 45lbs plates touching the ground while you maintain your lower lumbar curvature (stick ass out)–don’t want to lose the curvature or you’ll hurt your lower back. if you use lighter weights (with a smaller plate radius than a 45), just build a makeshift platform so that when you lower the bar, the bar decends to a similar height that a 45 lbs plated bar will go to.

this is something you can easily adjust to your perferred height to the point of almost being a partial DL–lowering the bar to about the tibal tuberosity, below the knee, but this kinda varies amoung people. it is best to do what feels right to you.

warm up and go light to get your form perfect and to see how your body will execute the move for the day. you want to constantly push yourself, but if you are feeling just not right (pain/discomfort) with the light warm up, avoid it. no sense having an avoidable injury.

Thanks to all… Very infomative as usual…