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Partial Deadlift

Is the partial deadlift performed the same as key stone deadlifts?
Will Rouse

Not really because the partial deadlift is usually performed supported on blocks or a power rack. When people say “partial deadlift” it usually refers to a heavy deadlift done from an elevated height. The keystone deadlift could be considered a form of partial deadlift but is more an exercise designed to isolate the hamstrings, not build full body power.

Never heard of a keystone deadlift. Could someone explain?


Keystone Dead Lift:

My understanding is that this is basically a Romanian Dead Lift. Same thing. Hence, the emphasis on the hammies.

Anyone else?

RDL’s: Sharp rearward break at the hips… Push your butt backwards keeping your shins perpindicular to the floor… let the bar travel down the thighs until you feel a tight stretch in the hammies… pause momentarily then begin your ascension (snapping the hips in). One rep.

Oh yeah, one more thing, very important: WEIGHT ON THE HEELS!