Partial Bicep Tear

So I have a partial bicep tear, the MRI showed the short head of my distal bicep tendon (near the elbow) has a high grade tear, but the long head of my distal tendon (near the elbow) is fully intact. The bicep has retracted proximally a little. Now my left bicep is a little higher than my right which kind of bugs me. It’s been just about two months since the injury. The first surgeon I went to said no surgery give it 8 weeks. Has anyone worked through this and still competed. Will my bicep always look jacked up? Thanks. I can post pictures too. Tomm Im getting a second opinion from another sports ortho surgeon.

It will always look jacked up. I tore my left one several years ago at the proximal. Because it retracked towards distal, what little peak I had is now much more pronounced. It doesn’t bother me as I am not a bodybuilder. It doesn’t bother me physically either as it has healed.

Use massage, ART, Graston, etc to help speed healing and fight off scar tissue. I had a marble sized hard spot that was gradually massaged out over time.