Part-time Workout,( HELP! )please critique!

For the next 2-3 weeks I will only be able to workout 2-3 days a week at most, it really sucks because I love to train, so I have tried to design a workout based partly on Ian Kings suggestions in Big Muscles Busy Schedules (T214) and on CW’s AHBB, which I just completed, so here’s is the program let me know what you all think…

Day 1

Tabata Squat 3x8 Intervals
Light Snatches 2x20
Hang Pike 3xA.M.R.A.P.

Barbell Row (Reverse Grip)
Push Press

Floor Grabs 4x50ft(15m)

Day 3

Same as D1 but cleans replace snatch

Sumo Dead

Floor Grabs 4x50ft

I will be using the set/rep scheme of 7,5,3,3,5,7 (that Alessi discussed in last weeks Iron Dog) as I am primarily interested in preserving strength during this time.

On a 3rd day (if one is possible) I will try to fit in some more ab work along with calf, forearm, and maybe a little bi/tri time permitting.

Once I can return to a normal workout week around the 15th of DEC I’ll be using AHBB again.

I really appreciate any advice I can get, Thanks. Snippdawg.


This might help.


I think the layout for your main workout looks great, but if you want to preserve strength, why not just hit it with singles, doubles, and triples (not to failure)? If you lifted a while, doing a short period of heavies reall helps, and seems to require less food than doing 6-10 reps (bodybuilding style).

Your GPP looks good, though I’m stumped on why you want three sets of 4 minute period Tabata squats. If you do them fast enough, you should get winded on the first set…

Actually Fat Panda you are right about the Tabata Squats, I didn’t even complete them all! So I think I’ll just be doing something like a 1x5 from now on and the light snatches (20% max) I’m changing to a 5x5. As for the Workout reps I really liked the feeling I got from doing the pyramid, I stayed fairly heavy between 80-90% max and I felt energized almost electric like during the workout, it really woke up my CNS! I only began to approach and/or reach failure on the second part of the pyramid coming back up. I knew of Thib’s Part-time beast workout before but I think I may stick with this set-up for now, but thanks again guys for your advice it is much appreciated…Snippdawg.

Good job at the revisions.

A lot of people, including myself tend to ALWAYS overdo the GPP with any type (Tabata, West side style with weights, ect).

Hell, I woke up at 6 am this morning to try out my brand new heavy bag (had to buy for my younger brother… but he never uses it) by doing some HOC. Well, I thought I could last 20 minutes, but after 10 minutes of 1 minute round boxing, sprint to medicine ball, medicine ball throws, sprint back to bag, and repeat, I just fell into the mud and had to wait for at least five minutes before I could get up. Now I can’t wait until bed time.