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Part Time Training + Massive Eating

For various reasons I am only training part time - 2 days per week, usually Mon and Wed.

My question is what nutrition program would work for me. Presumably my muscles requirement for nutrition and calories is the same following a workout as that of someone training more frequently, but I dont want to be eating excess calories on days when additional calories offer no benefit to muscle growth and just add to fat.

For example, if I train Mon and Wed I am comfortable in big eating on Mon and Thur, but less certain about Friday and am really uncertain whether I should be eating big on Sat and Sun. Probably the question is - how many days after (and/or before) training do your muscles benefit from the additional calories?

And my other question is whether increasing calories on some days but then eating 'normally on others will cause problems (ie body fat increases). You don’t jump into an extra 1000 calories overnight with a normal program, would going up and down with my eating, due to part time training, have the same consequences?

I should add that my questions relate only to upping the calories intake - its not like on my ‘off days’ I suddenly stop eating lean and protein and start up with double cheese stuffed pizza crust croissants. It not what I eat, its how much I eat.

Thanks to all. I certainly appreciate that upping my training to 3 or 4 times per week overcomes this problem, but its not something I can do at this stage.

Your muscles benefit from the added extra nutrients everyday. Now over doing it and FAT will benefit as well.

Its all about finding a nice balance and eating for your goals. gaining or cutting,etc…

In general. you should be able to eat a lesser quantity of Higher GI carbs on off days sticking to whole foods like fruits, whole grains, veggies, etc. for those choices and eating more fats on those days.

Really I think you are just over thinking this. Just eat how you know you should for your goals. If it aint working change something.

Hope that helps,