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Part-Time Job Help, Please

I’m trying to find a part time job that would allow me to lift stuff, as I think this would help me build strength and it would be better paying usually. The problem is, I don’t know that anyone hires a 16 y/o high school student for work where lifting is required.

Does anyone know a place that hires someone like me that requires lifting stuff? The only place I found is Oriental Trading Company, but im not sure if i’ll get hired there.

Try Fed-Ex or another shipping company

lowes\home depo possible… my bro lost like 40lbs when he worked at Ocean state job lot…hes gaining it back now lol

landscaping work in the summer. If you’re in a small town, you can find plenty of jobs just working for construction companies etc. It’s a matter of knowing someone.

Otherwise, work at a grocery store. Just don’t be a checker, and you’ll be moving and tossing stuff around a lot.

Just to let you know, work a shift doing manual labor and I guarantee you won’t want to hit the gym when you get home.

You could probably get hired on a construction site. A good one would be doing concrete cribbing. The guys that sledgehammer stakes into the ground to hold up the forms have pretty impressive strength/endurance.

Also consider a moving company.

do not do UPS you will def. not want to go to the gym. plus, my friend screwed up his back a few years ago at that job…good benefits though if you can last

work the AM shift at petsmart and youll have to unload 50lb dog food and bird seed cans. buckets of 40lb cat litter and 100lb fish tanks.

Am shift at UPS bro. been doin on as a side job for 7 years. amazing benefits and now all i have to do is load one truck but when you first start there youre busting your ass at 4:20 in the morning unloading a full semi trailer in under 50 min. and you usually have around 5 of them to do by yourself. at least in our podunk town. whew. you will be dead i promise. 4:20 to 8:30 with shitty pay at first lol and you will take a week or two off training when you start lol

Local farm work

Moving company

Convalescent home (lifting bed-ridden old people and similar)

Tire center (stock)

Two Men and a Truck. Its on 60th and L.

Best Buy Inventory you get to pick up large TVs and load them into small cars all day.

[quote]Thomas Gabriel wrote:
Just to let you know, work a shift doing manual labor and I guarantee you won’t want to hit the gym when you get home. [/quote]

Yeah I know. Thats why im not working on my 3 lifting days. I plan on doing 20 or so hours a week, and only 4 days a week. If I had to work on lifting days, I would lift beforehand. I just want a physical job on the off days to hopefully get my body stronger faster.

My idea is that if I work them on off days (not lift the max amount possible like on lifting days) I can hopefully get stronger faster, as long as I get enough food, protein, and rest.

I agree with everyone else who says that a very physically demanding job will impede your desire to be in the gym.

I used to have a physically taxing job and i just got my workouts done before i went. It would have sucked if it was the other way around. Either way I still hated lifting so much cause I just wanted my muscles to get some rest.

If you are just looking to get your workout by your job itself, which isn’t the most optimal, then by all means kill yourself in construction.

I’m not trying to kill my muscles from a job, I just want a job where im active and lifting stuff. I don’t think it would really harm my strength gains if I had a job where I lifted and moved stuff, as long as I was lifting stuff that isn’t near the max amount I could.

Working as a cashier sucks, its boring. Lifting and moving is fun, it makes the time go by faster, and it usually pays better.

On the note of a job, my dad says when he was a teenager, he knew a guy that hung out at a storage unit so he could unload trucks for people. Made good money, wasn’t technically a job (no boss, no set paycheck, worked whenever he wanted) so maybe I might try to find a place like that.