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Part Time Job at CSC Security


has anybody ever worked for this company? what can I expect?


carpel tunnel syndrome?


tell me more?? and are you serious??? come on Im trying to land this job.


dude this is a bbing/ strength forum, even the off topic thread has some limitations.
besides you could have stated your location or other info about this company if you hope for a serious reply.


i'm pretty sure its a computer IT security job.


well the people that have worked there are gonna recognize the name of the company and post. The company is nation wide so im pretty sure somebody knows something about it.


no. I thought on your first post you put carpal tunnel because of all the reports I'll have to write up for people.lol


alright then. what is it


security for events such as sports. Do you ever see those guys in yellow jackets when you're watching the game?? yea them.