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Part-Time Freelancing

I’m a computer scientist by training and a research scientist by trade. This entails research and development, but also dissemination (papers, teaching, conferences and other business trips all over the world - as long as you’ve got something you can publish, you can go wherever you want).
While this is fun and, most of all, gives you a well-rounded profile and grants you a lot of freedom about how you want to work (as long as you’re bringing results), you’ll never hit it big in the money department.

Back when I was studying, I did freelance work, most of it in software development and some of it in IT consulting and localization. The money was good, I dug the working from home part. Good times :slight_smile:

Since I’m not planning to work 9-5 (or 8-8) in the future, full-time freelancing looks promising, so I want to test the waters by doing it part-time in addition to my day job, at first.

Any fellow T’s have something to say about part-time freelancing (doesn’t have to be IT / Dev)? If so, spill it.